Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rrrright you lot!

R is for riotous dancing too!

I accepted the challenge from Doris who was tagged by Cheryl* who got it from Annie, I have to come up with ten facts about me/my life based on ten items beginning with the letter I have been given.

In the best traditions of Sesame Street, "our programme is brought to you today by the letter R and the number 10."

So in my life, R is for ...

Roses ~ Once a month, the dark velvety red kind or rich clotted cream ... just because "it's Tuesday" or because "the sun was shining this afternoon" ~ love them! I don't think anyone should wait for a special occaision to give that special someone roses.

Relaxation ~ do you notice that when your holidays start it takes so long to unwind that by the time the last "knot is undone" it's time to go back to work again?!? Summers in France are such a slow, slow pace that there truly is no choice but to relax ... in fact it's more like a dead stop to be honest :o)

Raspberry Beret ~ the first song that made me realise how damn sexy music can be ... not Prince, just his music or maybe it was the fact that I was 16 and in love and trying desperately not to get caught making out with my boyfriend and there was the song playing over and over and over! I still love it!

Real ~ I'm a real people person, get me away from the plastic people!

Ruth ~ friends, I have a few but people like Ruth dont come along very often ... say I wanted to kill Simon [actually I did on Friday night but that's a story for late night wine fuelled blogging ... go and see Mrs Fizz over at the nuthouse she'll tell you all about that :o) ]; Ruth wouldn't judge me / preach at me / stop talking to me. Instead she'd provide a stone-clad alibi, help me hide the body and mop the blood off the kitchen floor afterwards!

Raita ~ Indian food, my absolute favourite and more than anything I'd like to have lessons, learn to cook really good curries etc my self. I love a really good curry, it doesn't have to be too hot it's all about the flavour for me ... whenever we take the children in school to the Gurdwara we get superb food, the food that most Sikhs would eat at home ~ brindal aloo, daal, roti and of course raita! Just**** made Deb's recipe for Pineapple Zucchini Bread ~ more slat next time but deliciously moist!

Recipe ~ I love to cook and I am always on the look out for new recipes to try out on my unsuspecting husband. I am currently working my way through the Hairy Biker's cookbook ... it's not that either Simon or I are particularly hairy or bikers it's just that their recipes are fab (their caldo verde is well worth trying) , easy to follow and they taste great ... and I have this thing for northern men who flirt and cook*** and I don't really expect you to understand this because I'm not sure I get it myself!

Reading ~ I read constantly, everywhere, everything ... posters, the writing on the back of the bus, the sauce bottles in restaurants. I love to read. If my nose is stuck in a good book I'm not aware of anything else going on around me.

Rant ~ I love blogging for the chance to rant when I need to! It's so freeing to shout outloud on a keyboard knowing full welll that any one who doesn't want to listen can just press the next blog button, up there, in the right hand corner!

... and finally R is for ...

Rodez ~ I knew I'd get France in here somewhere, I fly in to Rodez airport whenever I go to Mum and Dad's ... we're not talking Paris CdG here ... it's small enough that the baggage unloaders need the immigration guy to help as soon as he's stamped all our passports. Then it's a 2 hour nip down the N140 to le laquet ... a lovely little slice of France that still doesn't have broadband!

* Who's not well and could do with a bit of a cwtch**!
** There's that word again Fizz and yes it does have enough vowels and you say it cut-ch ... with the u in cut like a Yorkshire u not a Southern u. You know what I mean don't you! Don't you?
*** especially the big blond one from Newcastle!
**** we're eating it now and it's still warm!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful list! I haven't been here in a while and I sooo enjoyed your R's. I love Indian food, too...and Raita...Yummmmmm. It really is a wonderful addition to almost any dish, isn't it?

Bennu said...

Ruth... now there's a friend we could all use...

Fizzy said...

mmmmmmm raspberry beret, with you there.

Did wonder who you meant by saying "northern men who flirt and cook" I mean he cooks but not that good at flirting ... I can rent him out... he has just mades us faitijas, nachos, salad, cajun spiced chunky chips all with salsa, guacolmole and soured cream. Followed by home made pineapple cheese cake decorated with piped double creamn, pineapple and cherries!!!

I am trying to give up blogging when drunk... it can lead to all sorts of problems... if you ever fall into this trap then repeat this mantra "I must not blog when drunk, I must not blog when drunk"...I have been told it does work but I still wait to be convinced.

Have a happy week

Fi said...

Raspberry Beret, huh. That brings back some memories, oooh it does!

And as for the Hairy Bikers, as we have just gotten Sky for the first time (and the Food Channel, to which I am now addicted) I now know who you mean!

And big sucky boos about your car Jo. What absolute feckers they are, hope they get electrocuted trying to install it in their stolen Fiesta.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Jo! (Nice list, too)


Ms Mac said...

Raspberry Bberet is my fave rince song evah!

Also love Indian food. I need to get back to the UK for some proper curry!

craziequeen said...

I only caught a couple of the Hairy Bikers, and I must admit I LOVED their programme, and their cooking.

I would buy the book, but I am an absolutely lousy cook.....

I like your list, honey :-)


kenju said...

That's an interesting list! Thanks for the visit. I am happy to know you want to visit WV. The Waltons actually lived in western Virginia - a different state - but they are very much alike. Come back soon.

mar said...

I loved your R's! Can you roll your R's??? I will check out that cooking link, love cookbooks and the like, because I am a lousy cook...Thanks for trying to sign my guest map, it's not showing now and the homesite tells me it's "parked"...and I thought I had found the perfect guestbook...oh,well, have a great day!

Lisa said...

I love your attitude about're right, noone should wait for a special occasion to give roses, they should be given just 'because'.

I love to read too, and I love to rant, as you'd well know by now lol

Happy Tuesday, time for a new post to read up here...hoory ip Jimme!

tammi said...

What a neat-o list!
Rasberry Beret takes me back to the "good ol'" days when I hear it.
OMG,now it's stuck in my head.
"R" for REALLY COOL blog,btw.