Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #176


I say ... and you think ...?

Voice :: singing, speaking, chatting, laughing all in a Welsh accent *pokes out tongue at Anne Robinson*
Us :: me and you
Passionately :: looking forward to nursery in September ... going in for the whole morning next week!
Humbly :: requesting a courtesy car please!
Love songs :: *shakes head sadly* give me a break I'd rather listen to some rock!
Dim :: bedroom lights
Calendar :: Girls
Careless :: Whispers
Block :: building blocks
Goal ::
World Cup Fever ... it's taking over! Between Le Mans, Motor GP and the football ~ pshaw I say!


Lisa said...

Voice: croaky
Us: together
Passionately: wanting an air ticket to the UK lol
Humbly: accepting my fault (well, kinda, pah! lol)
Love songs: Unchained Melody..give me a potter's wheel and Patrick any day lol
Dim: wit
Calendar: Yorkshire, hanging on the back of my loo door!
Careless: stumbling, thoughtless errors
Block: of chocolate
Goal: England against Sweden, 2-2 (and yes, I actually did get up to watch it this morning lol)

Rainypete said...

voice :: in my head
us :: versus them
passionately :: all my heart
humbly :: yours
love songs :: long
dim :: bulb
calendar :: girl
careless :: oaf
block :: head
goal :: objective