Friday, June 30, 2006

Stop the world I want to get off!

Good grief! Enough already!

Do you ever feel it's all going by just to fast?

Like a merry-go-round, whizzing completely out of control? Because some sick and twisted nutter is at the controls? And you're in danger of being thrown off ... or ... even worse than that, if that's possible ... of thowing up last night's dinner because you can't take any more spinning?

Just like last year, I'm off on a residential trip on Monday; we found out yesterday that the Education authority haven't received our "can we go please" form!

In fact I think I will just go and throw up!


mar said...

I don't think it helps any, but it isn't any better/different somewhere else in the whole entire world *sigh*
Hey, it's friday! have a happy one!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Jo...I cannot remember if I thanked you for singing that VERY VERY SPECIAL version of Happy Birthday, to me...I LOVED IT!

I feel that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and it is moving at a very high rate of it is going 100 miles an hour!! Tooooo Fast!

Rainypete said...

This spinning you speak of. You imply that it ends sometimes? I'd like to experience that slowing down once in a while.

Bennu said...

Well Jo, you and the Old lady of the hills used two of the terms I often use and I agree with you both. Doesn't it make you sick when bureaucracy gets in the way of children learning or you teaching? Take 10 deep breaths,...ummm sit down and count to 10, ummmm oh what the heck, throw up if you need to... but that isn't any fun is it? I would hold your hair back for you, if I were there... (good friends do that when you are throwing up)

Walker said...

If you have to throw up then do it in a envelope and mail it to them but ask you a reciept.
The system in any country is pathetic at best.
These people just think of it a a 9-5 job and don;'t get it their skulls that what they do effects people.
Have a nice weekend

tammi said...

I hear ya.
Sometimes my world spins....sometimes my world spins OUT OF CONTROL.
I can handle the some amount of spin action....but holy cow,when the stomach starts being affected,then it's time to slow it down....try the Flinstone move.Dragging your toe till it slows down.ha ha

Lisa said...

I'm not keen on reading about throw up at the moment...I'm still recovering from the last time I had to deal with it lol

Seeing as the Education authority say they haven't received the application form...does that mean you CAN'T go?? I really do hope not.