Wednesday, February 08, 2006

An A to Z of right here and now!

A is for :: Anxiety; Simon has started a new job ... January 4th in fact was his first day! But how do I keep him in work?
B is for :: Bath; I can't have one this morning because between today and yesterday the plug has gone!?! WTF? How? Where? Do you have it?
C is for :: Cold; brr ... snow or rain tonight? Not sure! Rain it is people! Bouncing off my car roof as I type. Typically welsh weather in fact ... it's just that I'm in England!
D is for :: Dad's birthday; in less than *counts madly* 2 weeks, 2 weeks yesterday in fact ... he'll be 70 ~ and he'll be in Spain sunning himself so I wont get to enjoy the party! And what can I get him as a present?
E is for :: English; having dreadful problems speaking it correctly this week ... combination of tiredness and PMT have rendered the connection between my tongue and my brain defunct.
F is for :: Fish pie; it's 6.23 am and I am so craving some real fish pie.
G is for :: Google; how would I manage without it?
H is for :: Home; list of jobs to do at home next week includes tidying my tip of an office. You'd be ashamed of me!
I is for :: Ice-cream; how bad would life be without the odd bowl of Ben & Jerry's? Or frozen yoghurt for that matter? It keeps my faith in human nature going!
J is for :: Jo; enjoying the fact that next week is a week off!
K is for :: Kev; having dinner tonight with him and Suzanne in Wimbledon!
L is for :: Lisa; who I want desperately to phone for a chat but the whole logistical nightmare of working out what time it is in NZ and if she'll be awake or if I'm interrupting mealtimes /getting ready for work time is terryifying me! Hi Lisa! Don't panic ... I rang on Monday night! We had a lovely long chat which started with her saying "did you mean to ring me?" Me ~ of course!
M is for :: Mum; panicking about her holiday ... what clothes will I wear it'll be warm in the day and cold in the evening. *snarls* You better take a good selcetion on your holiday then! Followed by immeadiate pangs of guilt ~ see E is for :: English above.
N is for :: New Zealand; I have this wondeful screen saver at the moment that has inspired me to start a new savings account for a holiday! Direct Debit set-up and ready to go ... I am going to book a holiday! I am!
O is for :: old; question from one of our littlies yesterday to one of the male teacher's in school "Mr C, are you Mr D's dad?" Mr C is 2 years older than Mr D and nearly hit the floor in shock!
P is for :: Pickle;
another kick-off in class last Thursday, he tried to destroy some art-work completed by other children so that he could get past me and out of the classroom door! And then he wrecked the deputy head's office! Then he gave me a black-eye! And he's 5! Come-on guys, what would you be thinking if he was yours?
Q is for :: Question of the day ~ some of them make me hoot with laughter. Some of them I can't answer because "American" really is a different language from English! Keep it up Indigo!
R is for :: rollocking; 2 of our sensible year 5 boys drew circles on computer monitors yesterday with magenets! They certainly had a rollocking ... 3 monitors royally #$*£ed! Ideas how to solve the problem anyone?
S is for :: Sleep; see T is for :: Tired could do with another 3 hours or so.
T is for :: Tired; but it's half term on Friday ... 2 more get-ups!
U is for :: underwear; I was in Tescos on Monday evening and there were a pair of knickers in the middle of the aisle. Someone didn't shake the trousers as they came out of the tumble dryer ... did they? I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more!
V is for :: vanity; people think that all these potions and creams and micro~dermabrasion and exfoliation and eyebrow waxing are going to make a difference? Is it too late for me to start?
W is for :: Whiteboards; only 5 more installations to go! Whoop! Btw Prydwen, they're Smartboards.
X is for :: eXceedingly good cakes; Leah an American friend of mine has just discovered Mr Kipling's French Fancies! She is SO hooked!
Y is for :: yellow; bedroom decoration starts tomorrow, well actually bedroom stripping first. Stop it, get your mind out of the gutter not that kind. No never mind! I think we might go yellow in the bedroom.
Z is for :: Zoo; Port Lympne have got a new baby rhino ~ made me "awww!" on the way to work yesterday!


Fizzy said...

We don't break up for half term until the 17th ... what is all that about?

Found the plug yet? V. funny
And were you typing this whilst sat in your car?
I can never speak proper english let alone type it
I can't work out what is the difference between a whiteboard and a smart board... do you know? is it the maker's name or the software something like that?
As for "p".. well you deserve a medal for that situation... I really feel for you.

Have a good day.

Fi said...

Re V for Vanity - had eyebrows waxed for first time ever in 2004. First of all, as they are very blonde I'd never bothered even plucking them before then, so I had no idea of the pain (oh, the pain!) and secondly, developed allergic reaction to wax, so had two crimson rashes around newly dyed Brooke Shields eyebrows for the next week like some sort of weird warpaint!

Whatcha doin' on your week off?

Cheryl said...

D = Dad
How hard is it for him to get his favourite English biscuits/teas etc?

Just a thought.

Le laquet said...

Fizzy ~ I'm awake so officially only 1 more get-up! And yes Simon found the plug; or rather he had removed it! Why??

Fi ~ week off at the moment = sleep! I once again went out last night ... mid week too, I am such a rebel! Ended up in Putney I do get to all the best places!

Cheryl ~ excellent thought, I have a little hamper thing on the build with some piccalilli, branston and extra strong mints. A t-shirt from Rosie Nieper and some hankies ... just want something a little permananent!

Fizzy said...


craziequeen said...

About P for Pickle - sounds like he needs a firm hand.....and a smack [shh - we're not allowed to do that now........]