Sunday, February 26, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #160

I mutter unconsciously!

I say ... and you think ... ?

Baby step :: little feet
Wasted :: time and energy
Reggie :: Reggie and Ronnie Kray
Pitiful :: pathetic
Acting out :: drama, traditional tales in school this week!
At home version,
Me ~ oooh what big eyes you've got!
Simon ~ *wiggles eyebrows* All the better to see you with my dear!
Me ~ *sniggering* Lol!!!
Tomato :: Heinz Tomato Soup ... my favourite canned soup, the panacea of all ills (from hangover to period pain) for me is Heinz tomato soup and white buttery toast! What's your favourite canned soup?
Bad night :: coughing + no sleep = bad night!
Trip :: just booked to go to Barcelona ... sssssh, it's a surprise for Simon!
Finance charges :: We're changing our current account to the Nationwide ... the only bank that doesn't charge you a flaming fortune to spend your own money whilst you're in France! The Halifax charges you £1.50 every time you use your card ... £1.50!! Even charged us that when I used it on the tolls on the motorway for €5 .... bloody hell!
Sport :: rugby! Muddy, yes ... but those thighs!

Lisa ~ just for you 'cause I know it makes you giggle .... €5 = NZ$8.96 and £1.50 = NZ$3.94


Memphis Steve said...

skidmark .... and you say?

Le laquet said...

... your shorts and HNT? I saw the picture :o)

Fi said...

Fav canned soup? It has to be Watties (NZ's version of Heinz) Tomato Soup.

With white toast and proper butter. Toast must not be too hot, so butter doesn't melt into it.

Toast is dipped in soup, then stuffed into gob.

Lisa said...

Baby step: take your time
Wasted: breath
Reggie: Jughead
Pitiful: miserable
Acting out: Teenagers attitudes
Tomato: Watties Creamy (never knew it was good for hangovers, must try that!)
Bad night: lack of sleep
Trip: down the stairs
Finance charges: Mortgage Interest, OMG!
Sport: banter

Tomato is definitely my favourite soup, then mushroom.
And those bank charges are phenomonal! We get charged NZ0.50c each time we use our card over here. You need to move to New Zealand!!

Le laquet said...

fi ~ mine's similar 'cept I have hot toast .... 'cause I am really about 7 and like drippy butter!!

Lisa ~ Reggie :: Jughead? What? Is there a translator online?