Sunday, February 19, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #159


I say ... and you think ... ?

Right time :: "It's always the right time for a cup of tea!" One of Grandad's sayings!
Funeral :: It's your funeral (I don;t know where this one came from!)
Calculate :: work out a price.
Believe me :: I'm a Leo!
Chat :: good friends
Anniversary :: May 14th
Let you down :: I wont let you down
Shout :: about it!
Sweatsock :: yuk! We call them sports socks in the UK. Sweatsock makes me think "yuk, sweaty socks!"
Prayer :: Living on a prayer


Viamarie said...

Good morning! I say...Prayer - has an immeasurable power & Anniversary - March 14 (going on 33 years).

Enjoy your day! Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Walker said...

Right time :: At the right place
Funeral :: Mine? Hope not
Calculate :: Worth the risk.
Believe me :: Truth or dare
Chat :: room
Anniversary :: Yearly
Let you down :: to late
Shout :: Flock of seagulls
Sweatsock :: What Jo said
Prayer :: A mothers

Fi said...

Shout - Shout, let it all out by Tears for Fears!

Hey, what's the KT Tunstall CD like, Jo? Was considering buying it.

Fizzy said...

Right time ::When is the right time? This is the right time to do the "unconscious Mutterings #159
Funeral ::Hate them
Calculate ::Mental maths
Believe me ::Honestly I have a honest face
Chat:: MSN
Anniversary ::16th next WOW!
Let you down ::I hate to let anyone down
Shout :: Oi You!
Sweatsock ::mmm smelly feet?
Prayer ::lunch time and home time payers

Lisa said...

Right time: Is there ever a right time?
Funeral: sadness
Calculate: the averages
Believe me: true story!
Chat: conversation
Anniversary: annual
Let you down: disappointment
Shout: it from the rooftops!
Sweatsock: "Porkies"
Prayer: Our Father, which art in Heaven...

Barnaby Bear said...
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Barnaby Bear said...
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Jo said...

Viamarie ~ you're welcome!

Walker ~ ah yes, sweat socks; gross aren't they!

Fi ~ the KT Tunstall album is fab! I now have 3 copies ... I didn't buy 3! But I have one in the car, one in school and 1 in the kitchen.

Jo said...

Fizzy ~ did you notice no word verification .... your game is becoming an obsession! I had to turn it off :o)

Lisa ~ Porkies ... I remember laughing until I cried aged 16! Excellent.

Bennu said...

time :: ti i i i me is on our side, yes it is
Funeral :: I don't do funerals since my dad's... one was enough
Calculate :: seeing if I have enough money in the bank to buy the groceries
Believe me :: It's the truth
Chat :: a cup of tea and you and a great "chat"
Anniversary :: which one? the day we met, the wedding, the death of a loved one... I hate anniversaries unless they are fun
Let you down :: Every man has, why should you be any different (cynical, I know)
Shout :: Shout... Let it all out!
Sweatsock ::none of those in my house
Prayer :: Say a little prayer for me.