Saturday, February 18, 2006

Boring old Saturday!

Saturday ...

... not a lot to do!

Bed ... made, not to my mother's exacting standards.
T'Internet ... surfed, well not all of it you know BUT bits of it!
Car buying ... found one, off to see it tomorrow!
Washing ... 2 loads done, 3rd load in.
Dishwasher ... done, empty.
Bathrooom ... please, it's half term, done on Tuesday!

*twiddles thumbs*

Traded emoticons with a certain Mad Baggage.
Sent maths planning to colleagues for the week.
Done Indigo's daily quiz ~ piffling 3rd so far!
Wrote out cheques to pay bills *yuk* but at least it's done.
Done la bella Stella's Silly Saturday quiz ~ piddling 60/100!! Equal last place *hangs head in shame*

*twiddles again and wonders if there's a Curly Wurly in the fridge*

Wha'choo doin' today?


Nikki-ann said...

A curly wurly?! Somebody gave me a whole pack of them for Christmas (and I scoffed them all at the earliest opportunity!). Ohh, I fancy one now... though I do have a mint Aero here (I always have a stash of chocolate here somewhere... the chocoholic that I am).

Thanks for commenting on my journal. Much appreciated!

Le laquet said...

mint Aero ~ delicious!!!

rashbre said...

Leaving seeing a car until the next day can be a challenge!

No chocolate here except some very strange Russian chocolate left from Christmas which is worthy of a science project.


Lisa said...

I'm sitting here still thinking about my word verification 'sentence' for Fizzy's blog and wondering why I haven't gone back to bed at this hour. Mind you, I've got a hot mocha beside me now, I can't possible waste that!

Le laquet said...

rashbre ~ Russian chocolate? Hmmmm? *ponders that thought* What's it like?

Lisa ~ it's a killer isn't it and you got some grotty letters!