Friday, February 24, 2006

I have officially been a very lax blogger

It's been a struggle to be here this week ... I've been busy and yet I don't seem to have achieved anything that I have set out to do!

I have had 2 nights when I haven't got home from school until gone 8 o'clock (are you listening all you out there who think that teachers only work until 3.30 each day on top of the 13 weeks holiday a year! Yeh I know you're right about the 13 weeks but I do work later than 3.30!!) .... but I still am not up to date on my marking/planning etc

I played poker on Tuesday night, enjoyed an evening of wine, food and good conversation (hurrah) but made the huge profit of 10p (boo!)

I have bought a car ... little red Renault Clio to match the other little red Renault Clio that we already have!! I know ~ no imagination!

I am slightly narked with Blogger's new word verification do-berry .... having to enter letters every time I post / save a post is all very well and good but I am so addicted to a
certain game that I then spend the next hour trying to think of a sentence using said letters!!

Anyway enough moaning about Blogger and my lack of motivation .... it's Friday! Have a fabbo weekend all of you :o)

1 comment:

Fizzy said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL - so you are addicted then are you!!! mmmmm
me thinks I may have to extend THE GAME for another week.... I will think about it ;)