Friday, February 10, 2006

No more get-ups for a whole week!

It's the last day of school ~ yahoo! Sorry Fizzy (who has to wait another week for half term to arrive!) but you'll be able to gloat in a weeks time & I actually think you're too busy boinging to really care anyway! I wanted to find a picture that explains how I feel about this and as always ... when in need go for a savage chicken!


Cheryl said...


Anonymous said...


Fizzy said...

Hey there is more than one person boinging around here.... I wonder who that was.

Have a good week off I know you need it and I also know you d-e-f-i-n-a-t-e-l-y deserve it

do lots and lots of GOOD/FUN/ENJOYABLE/JO things

Anonymous said...

Cheryl ~ are yours off too?

Fizzy ~ are you sure there's someone else boinging? Let's think about it?

Jo (in school, enjoying a KS2 dinner hall duty!)

Memphis Steve said...

Hurray for you and your savage chicken!!!

Lisa said...

KS2 dinner duty? that's obviously teacher jargon us plebs don't understand lol.

I do understand about time off though, yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Enjoy your break :)

Fizzy said...

mmmmm Just let me think about that .....might be a while lol