Saturday, February 11, 2006

Torino 2006

Like the sad TV & food addicts we are Simon and I slumped in front of the telly last night to watch Masterchef, only to find it was already over and were treated instead to the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics; my first thought was oh god, but I have to say instead ~ thanks Turin I thought it was fabulous.

Unfortunately I can't find any of the photos I want to show you right now where hundreds of people danced around in the middle of the stadium in brightly coloured ponchos ... from above they looked like a huge ski-jumper: but there are a selection of brightly coloured offerings on the BBC Sport page. I must admit I almost cried over the huge cheers for the Kenyan and Ethiopian teams ~ excellent!

And then as always there's the lovely Google, who to commemorate the occaision have a brand new logo.

Righty-o, I'm off to watch the skiing!


dani said...

hello joy!!! michele sent me....

...and now i'm going to peruse your blog and see what you're all about.


Ms Mac said...

The fat bloke, Patrick, got through! I'm a bit worried about myself because I'm finding that Greg Wallace a bit sexy with the way he makes eye contact when he tastes the food and looks over the top of his specs.

There's just about 12 different kinds of wrong in that, isn't there?

Le laquet said...

You are most welcome Dani!

ms.mac ~ Patrick? Him with the French working men's trousers? Ok, was the food good? And the Greg Wallace thing ...I'm getting it ~ he has "dirty" eyes!

Fizzy said...

Didn't watch Master Chef but watched all the opening ceremony. My fave bit was the dove of peace towards the end, before someone resurected Pavoroti.... proove t me that that man is real and not a cardboard cut out... he looked so false.

Right just trying to impresse Hubby with my new lovely brown shoes(flatties) with gold trim....They are lovely... really

Fi said...

It was a fabulous ceremony alright. We've sent our biggest team ever - go the Snowis!

Your Hominy Pie sounds like something the OH would eat in one sitting!

And I pronounce scone as in Ron, he says scone as in phone - I can never work out where Kiwis get this from? Who says scone as in Ron in the UK?

Ms Mac said...

I say Scone to rhyme with Ron, which frankly, is the proper Scottish pronunciation!

Although, you'll find the Stone of Destiny in Scone, a town in Scotland but it's pronounced to rhyme with spoon.