Sunday, February 12, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #158


I say ... and you think ... ?

Unorthodox :: willing to break the rules.
Skate :: Bloody Bonnie Langford in Dancing on Ice .... she's as bloody annoying now as she was when she screamed and screamed as Violet-Elizabeth Bott in Just William.
Hold on :: to your hats
Europe :: here, or the mainland ... about 60 miles away. On a clear day you can see it from Dover.
Reminder :: what would I do without my diary?
Gold :: Shirley Bassey singing "Goldfinger" ~ fabulous, atmospheric and the 3rd but always the best James Bond!
Calcium :: carbonate aka blackboard chalk ... thank goodness for whiteboards it was always very embarassing as a teacher to admit that I'm allergic to chalk!
Rated R :: ?? Is this American? Does it equate to British film classification?
Saturday night :: last night, bottle of wine and a pizza and asleep by 9.30 ~ my god we know how to live!
Tell :: tell tales, tittle-tattle, carry clecks. What do you call "telling on someone?"


Fizzy said...

Unorthodox ::different
Skate ::not doingit , never going to get me on any form of ice, I hate ice
Hold on ::Oasis... love this song
Europe:Lots of difernt countries that I want to visit them all (been to Belgium, France and Spain so far)
Reminder:red bills ..*shudder*
Gold:my new accessories... well they are pretend but they look very swish and if my camera was not broken I would be sharing. Hubby has just given me a lot of grief for asking him to scna them
Calcium:osteoporosis... I don't drink a lot of milk
rated R:remedial/dunce at school
Saturday Night:mm bottle of wine or something Scottish (oobeen there too and Wales)- Good music (Bob Harris =Radio 2) and Time with Hubby.
Tell:show and tell... I havn't really got into that yet

Bennu said...

Unorthodox :: Un jewish? I don't know, don't get upset...
Skate ::ER Boy
Hold on :: to me
Europe :: I want to go
Reminder :: Notes, everywhere
Gold :: Mine, where is mine?
Calcium :: rich bones, I want mine to be
Rated R :: A movie that could use more descretion and an audience with more imagination (Jo, it is the rating system for movies in the US)Does it equate to British film classification? I don't know
Saturday night :: My saddest night, have to go to work in just more than a day... and I can beat you JO, I was in bed by 8, sick as can be
Tell :: Tattle Tale is the one I hear. DO TELL is the one I would say...