Friday, November 24, 2006


I came home on Tuesday night and flopped! Asleep at 7.45!!

And I did the same thing on Wednesday night and last night! I was in bed last night at 9.05pm ... I mean WTF??

You see, it's my week outside in the fresh air and it's the dancing and the slide and swing and the bikes and the hide 'n' seek! It's killing me :o) In a good way. I think I need an early night :o) Or maybe I just need to dance more!!

Happy Friday guys :o)


Ms Mac said...

Happy Friday to you too. Enjoy the fresh air while you can!

mar said...

Happy friday!! :) don't stop dancing!

Anonymous said...

Strong supporter of early nights here. And fresh air. And dancing, sliding, swining. Keep going - and remember, sleep can bring gorgeous dreams :-)

rashbre said...

Dance on.

But I know that "sleep of the righteous" sometimes after a robust week. Normally I'm an after midnight sort of person but every so often I'll crash early.

But tonight I'm chillin with a glass of Fitou and the best company!


Lisa said...

I went out for dinner last night, got home after 11. First time I've been out that late for ages! Getting bloody old. lol

And they reckon all that fresh air and exercise is great for the kids...I agree, but it doesn't seem to be so good for the adults lol

God that video further down made me laugh, thanks for the hoot on a Saturday morning :)

Anonymous said...

Got your thermals out yet?
The worse part about Foundation - outside provision!

Have a happy Weekend
Xx Fizzy xX

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

the key to staying up later is not to sit down and relax!
have a great weekend, at least you can sleep in.

Teena said...

Hi! I'm here via Blog Fodder :)

You go, Girl!!