Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #198

Sometimes I mutter!

I say ... and you think ... ?

Teacher :: Me
Fifty :: Sixty, Seventy, Eighty ....
Crossword :: Ongoing battle, every night with the crossword. And then the phone call from my mother doing the same crossword 2 nights later (it takes a while for the newspaper to get to France) saying "what do you mean you can't do 7 across? That was easy!" Yeh, yeh, yeh!! I have one word for you mother ... arboreal!
Stuffed :: Chair
Family :: Together

Family together

Family together

Purr :: Cat
Toad :: Toadstool
Cocktail :: Americano
Insecurity ::
Too many to mention!
Magical :: *singing* Roll up for the mystery tour


Jenn said...

Great responses!!

Lisa said...

Teacher: Advisor
Fifty: kms a minute
Crossword: Cryptic
Stuffed: Bear
Family: Gatherings
Purr: Happy Cat
Toad: in the hole
Cocktail: Harvey Wallbanger
Insecurity: Gravity (lol)
Magical: moments

Thanks for sharing your wedding pics with us again. I love the second one with Simon laughing, a great candid shot...unless of course it was rehearsed lol

KnicKnac said...

You made me LOL with #10! We share one! Great mutterings!

Anonymous said...

Great mutterings. :) Love your answer for "magical" :)

Have a good day! :)

Anonymous said...

A day late sorry...
Teacher :: Me
Fifty :: percent
Crossword :: We need a post on arboreal!
Stuffed :: put a fork in me, see if I am done
Family :: Nuthouse
Purr :: fect
Toad :: of toadhall
Cocktail :: Tom Cruise (before he went wierd)
Insecurity :: Hahahahahaha
Magical :: Winter wonderland

Rainypete said...

Teacher: My wife
Fifty: Dollars is about all I have in my wallet right now
Crossword: Habit
Stuffed: Dinner
Family: Everything
Purr: Eartha Kitt
Toad: The Wet Sprocket
Cocktail: Terrible movie
Insecurity: Yup
Magical: Moments

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

crossword-love it!
cocktail-cranberry martini

mar said...

Lovely pics!
and I leave singing the magical mystery tour, lol