Saturday, January 21, 2006

3 things you don't know about me!

Tagged by the fantabulous Fizzy* ... who was tagged by Adrienne, I have to think of 3 things that you don't actually know about me! Oooof! Hard one, I don't think there are 3 things you don't know thanks to the 100 list, the 2nd 100 list** and the god I call meme, nevertheless I am going to do my best to rise to the challenge!

There is of course a catch!! According to Adrienne's rules ... the first 3 commenter's are tagged! No lurking, because, that's just the easy way out :o)

1. In secondary school I was founding member of the synchronized swimming team; I never enjoyed sports in school, the changing pavillion (whether you were playing hockey, netball, tennis, lacrosse or taking part in athletics) was in the middle of a patch of wind-swept red gravel and felt like Antartica even in the latter stages of July. It was inhabited by a ... it's hard to know best how to describe Lynn Thomas the PE teacher except to say she scared the shit out of the rugby coach (sweetly nicknamed Bugner) because she was more butch than him!!

I was a regular little Esther Williams me!

The swimming pool was a completely different story and I was very much at home there! I was on the team for the whole of my time at school. I swam everything except the dreaded butterfly ... could just not get the co-ordination right. In 1985 or so, Doreen (our swimming teacher) suggested that we needed some kind of entertainment for the Primary school swimming galas ~ et voila, we started the synchro team! See that picture above *preens slightly*, I could do that! Matching costumes & hats, nose clips, sequins and fixed smiles. Need I say more?

not truly a brothel

2. When I was little I used to read myself to sleep (even from aged 5/6), this is an addiction I have never got over. So ... probably to cure me of this *** my parents took the light bulb out of my bedroom and replaced it with a red one so I couldn't read! So, in case you lived in a small village 10 miles outside Swansea, next to a brothel from 1975 to 1982 ~ don't panic! It wasn't really a brothel. It was to cure me of reading until midnight :o)

A ploughman's lunch ~ he doesn't know I've pinched his pickle yet!

3. I am addicted to pickled onions and/or shallots. I can eat vast quantities of them thorughout the day and night. I love strong / sweet / spiced ones, but the problem is not only do I like them in the usual way ~ on the side of a ploughman's lunch , with a cheese sandwich, a mini one in a Gibson. But I also like them at other times .... *food purists surf away now* .... I love pickled onions on pizza, in Spaghetti Bolognaise, in noodles and at breakfast time! My mother despairs, truly she does!

* See my
previous post, I appreciate Fizzy ~ she has a truly wonderful soul, she is caring and we laugh together! I don't need anymore in a friend ~ do you?
** Still unfinished ... because you know EVERYTHING ~ see how hard this is!
*** I'm going to check this with my mother!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm surprised there wasn't a police raid with that red light going!

Michele sent me here.

Viamarie said...

Hi! Michele sent me. The red bulb is a good idea. Can use it with my grandson who also won't stop reading his books on dinosaurs.

Lisa said...

Ack, now I have to think of three things noone knows about you, I'm going to find that a tad tough, but nevertheless, I'll do my best.

Doesn't your pickled onion addiction have some um interesting side affects?

Indigo said...

pickled onions???? Ewww gross!

Lisa said...

Yoo hoo...come lookie see Mrs L lol

craziequeen said...

I missed the tag, Laquet, but I think I'll do this anyway. Perfect for Aginoth to post while I'm skiing....


oh and FINALLY got around to blogrolling you - I'm terrible at this....

Zipper said...

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