Friday, January 20, 2006

The most attractive people are ...

... those who are at home in their own skin.

Western idea of beautyI don't think it's about beauty (like Ms Gisele to the left, or Ms Milano to the right*), it's that air of "I'm comfortable with who I am, I'm not going to allow you to judge me based on the western world's idea of beauty (once again like Ms Gisele to the left, or Ms Milano to the right*) and even if you do try to judge me I am going to treat your judgements with the contempt I feel they deserve!"

I think you all know me well enough by now to know that I'm not entirely comfortable in my own skin. But I don't know whether you know that I often let other people's judgement get to me, upset me, unsettle me and quite frankly at other times piss me right off!

That's not what this post is about today, no-one has said anything for me to gripe about / get on my high horse over etc but over the last couple of weeks a few bloggers who I read / talk to have said much the same thing! They have had to put up with comments / looks etc from people in their lives who thought that what they were saying was "for their own good!"

So, come-on, why are we lead to believe that you can only be beautiful if you are young slim and fashionable? Where does the belief that "beauty is only skin deep" come from? And are the rest of us, whose skin is not what it once was worthless? Forgetable? Unwanted?

Are all the truly beautiful people out there that you know only beautiful on the outside? Can we / do we not appreciate the beauty of people's souls, thoughts and ideas anymore? I for one do ~ I appreciate the beauty of experience, of humour, of kindness, of love, of loyalty to friends & loved ones and experience. I appreciate the beauty of an offer of help, a thoughtful word, a shared joke or memory of better or worse times! I think the world would be a far poorer place if we were all too busy trying to be plucked, waxed, coiffed and a size 10 (UK); and couldn't help each other!

So come on, stand up with me and talk to the really beautiful people out there, tell them how much you appreciate them being in your lives, how much richer your life is for them just being there; and YOU (you know your name) stop telling me every time I phone you "how much happier you (and Simon**) would be if I lost weight and started acting my age!"

I'm off to start my list now! :o)

**Addendum** I've just realised that this post makes me sound like I am skinn-iest (ie I don't like slim people) ... it couldn't be further from the truth. I am just appalled to be living in a society that values physical beauty over inner beauty.

* Included entirely for Steve!! :o) Though she is incredibly beautiful! Even I, a 30 *coughs loudly* year old heterosexual school teacher can appreciate that *winks*

** I asked him and he laughed aloud and said "she's such a liar!"


Fi said...

Wise words, Jo.

I know a friend of a very good friend of mine (I'll call her Tina) who is stunning - she's got endless streams of men hanging on her every word, a fab figure, great clothes; you get the pic.

My friend adores her, but doesn't seem to notice the endless text messages from Tina are all.about.Tina. When Tina wants a favour, she's on the phone and expects help straight away, but isn't there to help out when my friend needs a hand. The word USER springs to mind.

But Tina gets away with it. Being beautiful on the outside means she doesn't have to be beautiful inside.

Fizzy said...

Can you imagine a world of skinny size 12 people. That is it.. all the same no difference? What a stereotyped world that would be. I think that each individual person is an INDIVIUAL and therefore contributes to our society making it a varied and diverse society. This is a very good post Jo, very good.

Le laquet said...

Fi ~ isn't that so very wrong, inner beauty should be the issue. I'm not saying that being healthy is not important but surely the kind of person you are, the words, thoughts & deeds that make you individual are what stay with people longest!

I appreciate your friendship in my life Fi!

Le laquet said...

Fizzy ~ Can you imagine a world of skinny size 12 people? No, the thought repels me especially if they are thoughtless, selfish individuals. I would say though that I have very good friends who are slim, beautiful and still remember how to be caring individuals.

Cheryl said...

Had a look at that top picture, close up.

She has a ton of product in her hair - the top looks like it needs a wash (looks like a dog's coat), but get to the ends and the outer hair looks greasier than the stuff near her throat - always a sign it was junk pasted on, so her natural hair wasn't good enough for the photographer.

Four inches of makeup, including several shades of foundation/blush, white eyeliner inside the lower lids to make her look more awake - but look at the tiny pupils, she's either on something or bored/insulted as hell.

They've spray painted or digitally enhanced her tan to accentuate body shape and cocked up - she has one orange shoulder - compare her upper arms for colour.

She's covered in highlighter, again in all the 'right' places to 'improve' where she appears to go in and out.

She's been waxed to within an inch of her life and yet they still had to do a digital touch up to the picture above those stupid pants to fake the plastic doll smoothness - see the image of the right hand straps on those pants (below the bracelet) isn't as sharp as on the other side, so her tummy and upper leg have been 'prettied up'.

I bet the poor girl has more complexes than we do. No wonder they say so many models end up on drugs.

My mother said to pity the pretty dolls you meet because they never develop character, and at some point in every life, character is all you've got left!

Ms Mac said...

You are so right! So many people think that because bigger girls literally thicker skins, that they can say what they want.

I could carry on for hours about how fat folks are the last acceptable object of fun but frankly, it'd bore you tears!

Steve said...

Too many people these days seem to have forgotten the old adage never judge a book by its cover and make an instant discision about people on first site due to their colour, size, hair colour, general physical appearance or even accent.
Sometimes I am as guilty as the rest but have found over the years ( god I sound old ) that some of the people I misjudged at first are the people I can rely on in times of need.
We all know the world would be a much better place if we got to know people before we dicide to hate them, but ultimately human beings are shallow creatures.
Talking of shallow creatures, thanks for the pic of Alyssa Milano, who is incredibly attractive but who also seems to have an issue with her appearance, anyone who has watched Charmed cannot have failed to notice the amazing changing breasts of Ms Milano one epsisode it is all heaving busoms and cleavage of Dolly Parton prportions and in another she appears as a Mermaid
(shut up it is a fantasy programme about witches)with just shells to cover her boobs and where are they?? non there. So obviously its all tit tape and chicken fillets then, but how artfully arranged.

I know I'll get me coat