Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To the power of 4!

Whilst visiting El Lunchtruck, I made myself available to be méméd!*

Four jobs I've had ::

Supermarket checkout girl
Civil servant

Four movies I can watch over and over and over again ::

The Shawshank Redemption
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Along came a spider
The Sound of Music

Four TV shows I love ::

Nevermind the Buzzcocks
Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Four vacation spots I would highly recommend ::
St Jean de Luz, South Western France
Skiathos, Greece
Durban, South Africa
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Four daily visits on t'Internet ::
Only 4?? Or can I cheat be creative? *sulks* ok then!
Internet Lovers
Fizzy's Nuthouse

Ms Mac's meanderings

.... and lots, lots more including ~ him, her, her, him, her and him!

Four favourite foods ::

Pan fried foie gras
Sausage and mash with onion gravy
Thick white toast with salty Welsh butter
Ice-cream ~ vanilla or chocolate, but not together

Four places I'd rather be right now ::

Au Laquet ~ 'cept as of yesterday afternoon they'd had a foot of snow .... **
New Zealand
South Africa
Back in bed

Four weird habits ::

Let's not bring them up again ... they're here! *blushes*

* Do you think I can conjugate mémé like that and get away with it?

**Conversation about the foot of snow
Me ~ wow, really?
Mum ~ Yeh, it's up to the top of the bird table, from the tray.
Me ~ Gosh, take pictures Mum!
Mum ~ We don't have a film for the camera!
Me ~ Isn't it time you got a digital camera?
Mum ~ oh no, that's very modern and you never get any photos!
Me ~ *~#&£$# !!


Lisa said...

I'm first, I'm first!

I LOVE Shawshank, one of my all time favs. I also try to NEVER miss Extreme Makeover Home Edition, love that show, cry like a baby lol.

Hey, thanks for the mention. I'm still taking pics of Barnaby, some you won't want to see cos they're a little naughty-ish (and no, there's no naked flesh shots or anything that rudie!)

Had to laugh at your Mum with the digital camera thing. I felt like that a long time, but I have to admit, digital is a lot easier to store, than all the real live snapshots!

Have a great day Jo :)

Lisa said...

I'm second! I'm second!! hahahaha, I could go all night if I didn't have to sleep lol

Steve said...

"* Do you think I can conjugate mémé like that and get away with it?"
Oh Jo you are soooooo a teacher rofl
Re: the camera, my mum now has a digital camera and a laptop and has no idea how to use either.She takes photos until the memory card is full then brings it to me and I have to put them on a cd, then she takes them to asda for printing.

Fizzy said...

Ditto on the Supermarket Checkout girl
Ditto on Teacher
Ditto on Seven brides
Ditto CSI

oh and we had bangers and mash last night ... and with onion gravy :)

A good meme this one is :)
hope we don't get snow.

Le laquet said...

Lisa, you're right 1st and 2nd! I really don't know what to do about Mum and the camera ... I feel a present coming on!

Steve ~ I just can't help myself ... you should see me around mis-spelt graffiti!

Fizzy ~ onion gravy, yum! No snow here to speak of but very, very cold! The gritters were out at school chucking out time!

Thanks all ~ Jo x

Magpie said...

i've never seen Shawshank Redemption, i must put it on my list...and my mother in law is the same when it comes to digital cameras, old people just don't get technology...


Fi said...

I miss Never Mind the Buzzcocks! Has Mark Lamarr still got that quiff?

Your Mum's right about digital cameras never having photos. My photo albums stop at 2002 which just happens to be the same year we got a digital camera.

Love Shawshank Redemption - one of my bestest movies ever too.

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