Friday, January 13, 2006

Random thoughts through my head yesterday

What's with pomegranates? Were they that difficult to eat when I was little?

My friend's daughter used to be the Cinderella at Euro Disney, she signed me an autograph yesterday!

Dont give me a deadline and then check up to see if I have kept it before the deadline date, because I wont have, because I haven't got to the deadline date yet!

I love crunchy peanut butter and yet smooth peanut butter is so claggy it makes me heave.

Why do we have so many tea-towels, I don't remember buying that many.

Where did the word foolscap come from?

My favourite week day is Wednesday.

Are Fi and
Lisa standing upside down because they're in New Zealand? [My next thought after this was ... you are such a child and you did a geography degree, never let anyone know you thought this! Righty-ho then!]


Fizzy said...

OK I have read this and read it again and I am now wondering about the state of your mind... has it been such a bad week?

actually I laughed my socks off.
I am glad that someone else has such varied random thoughts
Have a good Friday

Le laquet said...

sad, sad state of affairs is it not?

Magpie said...

ok if stilton goes mouldy is the cheese off...???

love your random thoughts too...


Cheryl said...

You set me off on a search. says Foolscap comes "From the watermark of a fool's cap with bells originally used for this paper."

I loved your random thoughts but that made me hope for a more interesting discovery.

Hey ho.

Indigo said...

Wednesday is your favorite day? Mine is Saturday!

Sandy said...

Pomergrates are always easier when someone else is doing the hard work of preparing them. I used to enjoy the seeds when my mom was cutting and seperating. Now I find myself wishing bottle of POM juice wasn't so darn much so we could just drink it up without the work.

Here via Michele.

Tammy said...

Interesting thoughts, lol. :)

Michele sent me!

Le laquet said...

Magpie - right, see, knew I wasn't the only one!!

Cheryl - but thankyou all the same, one question/thought answered!

Indigo - yes I like the weekend too BUT Wednesday is just so much fun 'cause it's nearly another working week over!

Le laquet said...

Sandy - never tried the juice, isn't it wahat they put in cocktails called San Franciscos?

Tammy - polite euphenism for "what a fruit-loop?" LMAO!

Lisa said...

These random thoughts of yours are what makes you unique. Btw, I prefer to eat smooth peanut butter rather than crunchy and I never seem to have enough teatowels. Do you reckon this opposite thingy has something to do with you being up there and me being down here? I've got dark hair so I guess that means you must be blonde right?

Oh, and just for the record, I'm standing upright, not upside down, all that blood rushing to my head could result in me being a redhead.

(droll I know, but it's early ok? lol)

Fi said...


I never, ever have enough teatowels.

What I want to know is if we are standing upside down how come we don't fall off? And does all that blood rushing to your head make your smarter, perhaps?

craziequeen said...

LOVE the lilac, my dear....

and we used to eat pomegranates with pins.. :-)

Michele sent me...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Cheryl beat me to telling you the meaning of 'foolscap.!

Michele sent me here.

Bennu said...

I laughed while reading each and every one of your random thoughts. I can relate to many of the comments, and I like Wednesday but the one I really liked was about deadlines. It really struck a chord with me.

Carmi said...

Finally, someone else who loves crunchy. Just finding it in our local supermarkets has turned into an almost impossible pursuit.