Sunday, January 22, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #155


I say ... and you think ... ?

Alone :: Just like Greta ~ got to love Van the Man!
Science :: Weird Science - loved it!
Deposit :: At the bank.
Faithful :: Christmas carols.
Tender :: TLC, comes in white and red!
Chocolate :: Green & Black's Organic chocolate, do not even think about asking for any of mine! I don't share it.
Homework :: homework = marking!
Tamper :: proof lid; I can never never open them. You know the ones on bottles of bleach and paracetemol. I'm sure there are loads of 5 year olds out there who manage it with no problem; me not a hope in hell!!
Friend :: Kev, Ruth, Su, Jo. Any order.
Wire :: Down to the wire.


Ms Mac said...

I loved Weird Science too!

Fizzy said...

I have never seen Wierd Science... I somtimes TEACh wierd scinece though.

Thank you for your lovely comment on your previous post - you have left me gobsmacked

My Mutterings are very warped today on my own blog. Lets see how I do on yours:

Alone :: peace
Science ::lessons
Deposit :: for a car
Faithful :: teddy bear
Tender :: Elvis
Chocolate :: My downfall/My passion/MINE
Homework :: Just discovered the joys of marking Jo
Tamper :: bay
Friend :: lots of them :)
Wire ::mouth brace

Le laquet said...

Ms mac ~ it was an awesome film, Bill Pullman in an early role cracks me up!

Fizzy ~ chocolate, that's what the headteacher could give you if she wont pay you!

Walker said...

Alone :: Home
Science :: ficton
Deposit :: withdraw
Faithful :: Mariane
Tender :: kiss
Chocolate :: cake
Homework :: ha ha I don't have any
Tamper :: only the lotto if I knew how
Friend :: best
Wire :: Live

craziequeen said...

I like thst - I have stolen for while I am away skiing :-)

Also the 'Three Things you don't Know About Me' :-)


jude said...

I am not sure about the movie, but the song weird science is definitely in my 80's music playlist...

Rainypete said...

Alone :: In the dark
Science :: She blinded me with...
Deposit :: What exactly is that stuff on my desk anyway?
Faithful :: Old
Tender :: Slow roasted
Chocolate :: Liqueur
Homework :: Don't miss it one bit!
Tamper :: With minds
Friend :: With benefits
Wire :: telegraph

K Jones said...

Weird Science is so classic. Kelly LeBrock is now in a reality series over here called Celebrity Fit Club because she is as big as a house. Go figure...

Fizzy said...

I have obviously missed something with this "wierd Science" how old is it? I don't remember it at all.

Chocolate for the head sounds a step in the right direction... doesn;t make up for two days pay though.

Hope you are having a better week