Monday, January 16, 2006

Bon Voyage ~ how do you say that in Korean?

I went to a Bon Voyage party on Saturday night for our SENCO (special needs co-ordinator) from school. Her and her husband are off to South Korea for the next two years and we had a get together to wish them well, cry a little, generally talk about good times and remind them to keep in touch.

I cannot explain to you how much I am going to miss this lady ~ she is the approachable person in the senior management team; the one you find to talk a problem through, ask for advice, cry with, laugh with and get a hug from! She is going on a fantastic adventure and I know that they are both going to have an amazing time!*

I explained to all the children in the class on Friday, just before the KS1 assembly we had to say goodbye (and also told them that we could send Barnaby Bear to see Mrs P***** as soon as he gets back from Lisa’s!)

Me ~ so, we’re having a special assembly to say goodbye to Mrs P

All 26 children ~ aww, that’s sad!

Me ~ she’s going to South Korea with her husband!

Them ~ Why?

Me ~ he’s going to build some special ships!

Them ~ *all sadness evaporates* WOW!

Anyway, hopefully we will have 2 new readers ~ as I have told them how and where to find Laquet! So welcome Mr and Mrs P! Have a wonderful time, thinking of you both as you start this fantastic adventure! Keep in touch ~ love Jo xx

*How could they not when it looks like this?


Lisa said...

Eh?? I have to send him BACK?? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

*pulls self together*

Yeah ok, but only cos there's children involved and he's going to get a trip to South Korea as well.

As much as I want to travel overseas again, there's just no way in hell I'll be able to do that fast enough to help this year's class' lessons lol

So yeah, I'll behave and send him back once I've done the photos. I can't wait til he gets here! Yay!

Fizzy said...

Barnaby Bear is going to be one well travelled bear. I take it he has a passport and his own little suitcase.

I hope that Mr and Mrs P do come here... and if they do Hello and Welcome.