Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Give me 2 nurofen and a large brandy and I'll be fine!

I'm flagging this week and it's not even hump-day Wednesday; between PMT, the start of a head cold and the fact that it's been a bit of a week/fortnight/year so far with my little pickle ... roll on Friday I say!

The child from hell in my class has been on flying form for the last 10 days or so ~ hiding in the coat corner, smacking my TAs, throwing anything he could get his hands on at other children, biting/kicking/spitting @ me, calling me a stupid fat ugly cow! Ah the joys of primary education in the 21st century!

So today I disappeared off to KS2 (peace away from him!!! hurrah!!) to do a lunchtime dinner duty, there I was met with a 1000 questions (from the lunchtime supervisors), requests for drinks/crisps to be opened/yoghurt to be wiped up etc etc And at 12.50 I escaped to grab a mug of soup as lessons were due to start again at 1.10pm.

Not a chance ... I walked up the steps to find out that my little devil, yes we're back to him again had kicked another lad in year 2 (a year older) right in the bojangles!

I rang Mums ~ both of them! One to whisk to casualty ... I won't mention black balls again this week ... but he had black balls! If any dropping had already taken place (he's only 7) they were retreating, waving the white flag, shouting " HELP! "* The other (the pickle's) Mum to take the little bugger pickle home for the afternoon!

I had a great afternoon, work went well ... no fighting, no hurt children, no swearing, no physical abuse of me ~ one of the children said at the end of the day "we've all been really happy this afternoon, is that because Pickle isn't here?"

What could I say?

Me ~ *chicken* It's storytime, would you like to choose a book for me to read?

Anyway, *smiles* Right I'm off to bed ... a hot-water bottle, 2 nurofen, a mug of hot-chocolate, fresh bed-linen and therefore a good night's sleep ~ how could tomorrow fail to be a better day?

*Mum is ready to write a letter of complaint to the chair of governors, I have his address if she needs it!


Shane said...

yikes. remind me not to become a teacher.

I hope to never experience the trauma of black balls.

~michele sent me.

Walker said...

Are there times when the floor is slipperly and a certain teacher could accidently slip and squash a certain pickle into a pancake. LOL

Ms Mac said...

Eeek! What a nasty little piece of work!

I have a tale to tell you of Swiss teachers- I shall email you soon with it!

Fi said...

Jo, you're a bloody legend. My patience and tolerance would have drained away yonks ago.

Thank goodness for teachers like you!

And as for the little cretin's parents, well, they just shouldn't of bothered with the parenting thing in the first place. Bah!

Steve said...

Bojangles??? Where did that come from. I will never be able to listen to Mr Bojangles again without giggling in a very childish young boy, way now the song has changed its name to Mr Testicles.
Can I just say too that black is only a good colour for testicles when they match the rest of you.