Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Contact Lens Drama

I got all the way to work before I realised that they were both in the same eye, one on top of the other!* If you were on the A2 this morning - god was looking after you!
* Do you think I should be allowed out alone?


Tien said...

oh dear! that cartoon made me laugh so hard i was almost crying! lol. anyway, i could not stand having contact only in one eye. my eyes will start to water and i have to get the other in before my eyes got all red and puffy. wearing contacts could be a torture to me.

but then again, i can pretend i have perfect eyesight. everything always looked beautiful to me.

fatboyfat said...

If you have double the effect in one eye, and none at all in the other, does that mean you can see round corners?

Ms Mac said...

How on earth do you tell your left contact from your right now? Or are they disposable so it doesn't matter much?

Oh, Jo!