Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More notes to self

Weren't you listening when I said "don't forget your jacket"? The weather has (as I predicted) got colder and wetter and fouler* - are you stupid? Wait don't answer that Joanne! Note to self - leave a jacket in the car, one in school AND another at home. This can be used as an excuse** to buy a new jacket!

Poker tonight, here. I'm making curry and rice for munchies during the cards. Why did I offer to do that? Full day of work, followed by SLuT meeting, followed by bastard A2 commute and then cook? Note to self - go to Tesco's and buy veggies, crisps and dips instead! They wont mind, in fact Tracy will be pleased as I wont be starting a precedent. Not that I was Tracy - honest. Not that you'll be reading this as you're only a radical ebay-er*** now ;o)
France is a month away today. Note to self - pull your finger out of your nose and book the god-damn ferry before the price inflates completely!
Whilst we're on the subject ... you're going to France to celebrate Christmas. That's Christmas when you give presents. Note to self - whilst your finger is pulled, do some Christmas shopping. Three paperbacks for your mother are not going to cut the mustard! You've not even bought any cards yet ~ you've become a disaster!

* Hey I got a prediction right, maybe the met office will give me a job!
** You're right it's YOUR money, you don't need an excuse, because let's face it even the bit of YOUR money that is his money is YOUR money anyway!

*** ebay-er ~ noun : one who ebays ;o)


Fi said...

I hope you're putting these Notes to Self in an safe place!

They all seem VITALLY important ;)

(PS Wishing you could blog from France everyday with photos too - now that would be cool! Um, no pressure though, fully understand well-dodgy French dial-up and all that...)

Ms Mac said...

Oooh, France for Christmas! How lovely. I'll be in Scotland.

Mar said...

Heading to France too for the holidays. Up in the mountains :)

Lisa said...

While you're doing that, could you help pull my finger out at the same time? I am SO unorganised re christmas, I have no idea what I'm doing.

For the moment I'm swanning along in my own foggy mind thinking it will all just eventually fix itself without me having to do anything lol

(Cam is always losing jackets, and in fact I think has just recently lost my black parka that he'd borrowed, maybe it's in one of the places you mentioned?)

Fizzy said...

le redoubt = lovely fleece boywarmers..... they have become my godsend. NEVER off my back

got PE outsdie TWICE tomorrow morning.... OH joy, I may be praying for rain. SORRY