Sunday, November 18, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #250

I say ... and you think ... ?

Toasty :: Warm
Allegations :: Lies?
Herb :: Basil and oregano ... *wink* said the UK way! Not BAYzil and orAYganOH *wink*
Bacon :: Sandwich for breakfast
Neck to neck:: Cheek to cheek
Simon :: Husband
Heels :: Boots
Fundamentals :: At the heart of the matter
Middle :: Child
Seasonings :: Spicing up your life?


Tina said...

LOL @ BAYzil and orAYgaNO. Us Aussies say it the UK way too :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Zooomabooma said...

Nope, sorry, gotta go with BAYzil and orAYganOH! That's the American way!

But if youze guys over there wanna say it FUNNY like, then no worries, still tastes yummy no matter how ya say it!

Fizzy said...

Toasty :: Loaf
Allegations :: Statements
Herb :: Herbie the car movie
Bacon :: pig
Neck to neck:: Swans kissing?
Simon :: simple
Heels :: cream and clingfilm (do not ask)
Fundamentals :: basics
Middle :: in between
Seasonings :: salt and pepper

Kwizgiver said...

I love the UK Bahhhsil and orahGANoh... but am stuck with the American version...

Serena said...

I am lost. What is the "other" way to say Basil and Oregano?

BearZIL and OreGUNno is the way I say them. What way is that? :D


fatboyfat said...

..and don't get me started on Rocket...