Monday, November 19, 2007

A frightfully British posting

Day number 19 of November and I've been awake for a while. I'm now sitting at the PC listening to the rain battering the office window. It's cold and it's damp and eventhough I have resorted to putting the central heating on and I'm wearing PJs and a dressing gown, I'm chilled to the bone! It's one of the things that I dislike most about winter - the whole "cold, damp, will that window in the roof that Simon fixed last winter hold?" thing.

This week's weather by the men at Aunty
I checked the 5 day weather forecast on the BBC - other weather forescasting channels are available - and what a joy that is! Look at the wind indicator ... did someone just flick it around like a roulette wheel? Did they think "wind from the south, no the west, no north, no west, ah forget it"? Make your bloody mind up will you, so I know which way to point my umbrella so it doesn't blow inside out!
There is a little ray of sunshine in this outlook. No unfortunately not a REAL ray of sunshine. A ray of sunshine along the lines of at least there's no snow in that picture. So, I shall shake out my souwester, doff my waterproof hat and wiggle into my wellies. The bloody weather eh? How British am I this morning?


Fizzy said...

as I was lsitening to the rain and wind last night, this morning, I was also listening to the radio (2 of course), Janice Long came through SNOW to get to the studio in Brimingham this morning.
Shhhhhh don;t tell anyone I have pinched some of Hubby's socks today... Yr2 can almost guarentee (sp) that I will get playground duty

Alison said...

I'm blessed to live in a city where it's sunny ALL THE TIME. So often how I wish for day like you are having today. The holidays don't seem right when it's 80 degrees outside. :) Hope you warm up!

fatboyfat said...

Snow! We had snow! I was so excited.

Then I remembered that I'm 37.

Indigo said...

you are very british ... and what in the heck is a wellie?