Friday, November 02, 2007

Little bits of randomness flowing from me

We had jacket potatoes for dinner last night, we don't have them often and every time we have them I ask myself "why don't we have JPs more often?" They were gorgeous and then skin was all crunchy and beautiful and the smell of hot potato skin is lovely too ... how's that for random? One of my favourite smells is the smell of hot potato skin as it bakes.
Why do we swap from GMT to BST and back again? Does it actually make things better for us? Or does it screw our body clocks even more? Not everyone does it! Iceland doesn't.
As I looked at my hands the day before yesterday I was struck by the sudden thought that they looked just like my mum’s hands. Lines, marks, wrinkles (the big 40 will be here sooner than I want it to be), the same skin tone, freckles, knuckles - spookily like my mum’s hands! The wonder of genetics.
I had a working lunch yesterday with the headteacher and an educational consultant ... in my imagination "working lunches" had better catering and were more glamorous!
Well, I slept until 5 this morning ... a combination of knackeredness, 2 glasses of chianti classico and a hot water bottle ... if that's what it takes, as long as I sleep. So, it's Friday - hurrah! Because that means tomorrow I don't got to get up for work ~ doubly hurrah!


Ms Mac said...

I always have the same Jacket Potato reaction! So does my husband. The boys? Not so much.

Moving the clocks back and forwards is something of a touchy subject with a lot of people. The further North you live in the UK, the less hours of sunlight you get in the Winter. I used to work some days in Scotland and if I started before 8am and finished after 5pm (which I did), I'd go a whole day without seeing sunlight. So while to the South of the country, changing the clocks back an hour in Winter time seems like a pointless exercise, it's very important for (especially Scottish) children walking to school and so on. It's very dark quite late into the mornings in Scotland in Winter, the extra hour of sunlight in the morning is priceless.

On the other hand, the extra hour of sunlight on Summer evenings can make it light until 10pm which I always used to love, especially when my mum and dad told me I could play outside until the street lights came on in the Summer hols.

Fizzy said...

I don't see daylight in the winter either, it make me feel really ill too.

I love the smell of jacket potaotes but my family are not that keen on them.

I am glad that you slept in later than yesterday. I hope you get a rest at the weekend.

Look after yourself.

Tammi said...

Hmmm.Jacket Potatoes?
Can someone tell me what that is?
I don't get the clock thing,btw.....and...ummmmmmm one more ditzy question(sorry)...
But what in the world is NaBloPoMo??
Have a great day!

Andy said...

for the prev commenter, jacket potatoes are just baked potatoes, the jacket is the skin.

I like jackets but cant understand why Paul insists on them being done in the oven, I'm partial to them done in the microwave, and theyre quicker :-)

btw working lunches are just a swizz to gyp you out of your lunch break!!

Fi said...

Yay Jo's doing NaBloPoMo!

I adore JPs and I miss the great big spuds you could get in the UK - the Italian sandwich bar round the corner from my work had loads of lovely fillings and the nice boys behind the counter always called you darling. My fav? JP with Chicken Supreme...mmmmmmm. Prego!