Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My niece Laura went on and on* about Facebook 12 months ago and I completely dismissed everything she said about it out of mind. Poke someone? Why? Talk to complete strangers because they had the same surname as me** ... look I know I married someone I met on Yahoo! but don't you think that's taking things a little far? Nope, no Facebook for me - I had Blogger and that was just fine!

The lovely Miss Leah
And then, at the end of July, the lovely Miss Leah - one of my fellow teacher's returned home to Bloomingdale, Illinois; so come September I was dragged kicking and screaming to Facebook as an easy way to keep in touch with her***. I mean look at that dance, that smile, you'd need to keep in touch too - right? So, I blithely entered the world of Facebook and soon I was, throwing sheep, trout-slapping, sending growing gifts and playing Scrabulous ~ I am such an addict I currently have 19 games underway ~ with the best of them.
I hooked up with a couple of mates from college, friends from work, an ex-colleague who is currently in Korea, my nieces - lovely. I'm a fairly social girl and it was nice to be able to just say hi to mates. Of course I searched for other friends - of course you do, pure nosiness makes you do that if nothing else. But nothing - no-one special. And then 3 weeks ago ~ I hit the jackpot!
I found a very, very good friend of mine who I shared a house with in college who had moved on and we'd lost touch! This was the kind of friend who'd have shared a toilet cubicle in a nightclub****, broken in to the park with you to ride on the roundabout at 3am, danced on the pool table in a dodgy pub, created a 3 foot penis as a birthday cake, danced in the back garden and got stuck in the brambles with, held your hair for you to throw up, cooked beans on toast for you at 4am after the park break in*****. A fab friend. A friend who'd I cried over loosing. So in honour of the wonder that is Facebook I give you a photo of Cherry and I circa 1995 in the backroom of the same dodgy pub we danced on the pool table in - wotcha Chesa ... it's good to have you back!
Jo and Cherry circa 1995

* ... and on and on and on and on - Mrs Doyle eat your heart out
** I still don't do this ... you never know who's out there!
*** Anyone who can walk down the school corridor, wolf whistle and holler "hey honey can I get some fries to go with that shake?" is worth staying in with touch with!
**** Maybe it's a girl thing? But wait - in a nightclub you guys "all share the cubicle!"

***** Yes mum, I'm sorry, we did all of those things! Trust me, I've edited the list ;o)

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Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Now that is a very cool story! I can't quite make up my mind about facebook - sometimes I love chucking sheep and haggis at people and other times, in the immortal words of a friend of mine, "I just can't be arsed"! But feel free to chuck a sheep at me next time you're gadding about on Facebook!