Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Old friends

In June 1988 I started a recipe book ... not a recipe book like Nigella or Nigel* but a jotter (originally bought at Shabbytat) in which to scribble recipes that I'd seen and wanted to try / tried and loved and wanted to cook again / felt I should keep in case I needed them. Some are family recipes, some nicked**, notes about meals I've eaten and loved and want to recreate; some are very, very simple, others more challenging. Some are just lists - like the list of salads a French friend could just chuck together at a moments notice.

My recipe book
Way back in June 1988 my 18 year old self would very carefully in her best hand writing painstakingly copy out the recipes word for word. If I made a mistake I would tippex or even use my other friend Stanley to remove the page! These days I scribble, with whatever is to hand - been known to use a crayon and once even picked up a lip liner ... but thought better of it***!
Way back then, beautifully copied recipes Lots of scribbling going on these days
The book is dirty, well not dirty, more like slightly grubby - it's been in the kitchen, it's got oil spots on it, there's a smear of pasta sauce**** on the back cover. But I love it and I'd be lost without it; in fact if there was a fire I'd grab it, my family history certificates and my back-up CD. Oh and Simon *flutters eyelashes* of course.

* Or any other cook, not one that has to begin with N.
** There's me and my thieving ways, at it again.

*** It's a gorgeous colour and Rimmel don't make it anymore.
**** It's a fab recipe!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You know Jo, that would make a FABULOUS 'book' book...You could give credit where it is due so that we would know where each recipe came from, and include pictures of the original writing that you did to put the recipe in the book in the first place...I LOVE that you have been doing this for so very many years, and it is deifinitel That you have been doing this for so many years---it really is a true treasure! I can understand why you would pick that up before a lot of other things in your house, in a heart beat!

Thanks for coming by, my dear...Always good to see you've been visiting....! And Congrats on doing this dauntiug daily posting...(That is what you are doing, isn't it??? Or is this the Novel in a month dauntingness...I can't keep up...lol)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hey Jo...it's me again...
I got this thing from Facebook saying you had written on my wall...LOL, LOL...I don't even understand what that means, my dear...I am not 'into' Facebook at all...So, forgive me if I don't respond there...I had to join to VIEW someone's daughter Facebook page, and since that time I see that this is another one of those things where THEY send stuff to people in your name...(Help!)...Truthfully, for the present time, Blogging is about all I can handle....lol...So, I hope you understand if I do not repond to you writing on my wall!
Take good care!

Indigo said...

My husband does the same thing with recipes too. He's been writing them down in a journal for years. I keep telling him to publish them in a book for Christmas gifts.