Monday, November 05, 2007

The garage roof and other burblings

I spent a lot of time yesterday looking out of the window, staring over the garage roof; in darkness and daylight. In daylight the roof is golden, littered with the leaves falling from the ash and oak trees at the bottom of the garden. In last night's darkness the night sky was illuminated with gold and magenta, violet and green. Fireworks at a local display; with Guy Fawkes night tomorrow and Divali next week they'll be a common sight for the next couple of nights. Nature and man-made wonder. All there above my garage roof.

Chicken Brogue

I watched episode two of Long Way Down last night. I loved the first series, Long Way Round when Ewan and Charley rode from London to New York the long way round via Europe and Asia. In fact I am quite happy to spend a quiet Sunday watching the DVD set from start to finish, bolstered by the odd plate of olives, houmous and pita and a wee drop of red wine every now and again.

This time I followed the journey on the BBC and read the book before the serious started. Am I disappointed so far? Maybe a little - 2 episodes to get from London to John O'Groats, back again and then through Europe and into a Libyan sand storm. I fear there wont be enough time for really looking at Africa. But in answer to the question posed on the front cover of Brogue ... Ewan vs Sir Sean : Who's hotter? Even after last night's shower scene, with cleverly positioned "box" the answer has to be Sir Sean. Sorry Ewan!


Ms Mac said...

I've been watching Ewan and Charley too and thought last night that of the whole six weeks is just going to be three or four men worrying about schedules, it's going to get a bit tedious. However, the Roman Ruins in Libya looked gorgeous- just made me want to go there. And I said to husband right before Ewan said so, "Why are all those visitors to the Star Wars set not just going ballistic with Obi Wan being right there?!?!"

As for Sir Sean v Ewan, well, I can't pick between the two but I know that there's a very good chance I will be completely in love with Mr Mcgregor by the time he reaches Capetown! Even with his trenoid mullet.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Stella ... he is lovely but will the "ride, ride, fucking ride Charley" ever make up for "Morning Moneypenny"?


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, thank you for reminding me about Guy Fawkes night, I'd forgotten, perhaps I can get out there with my camera and have some fun.

Fizzy said...

definately Sir Sean
Did you know he was a Yorkshire lad ?

I have been watching it too and feel the same as you.

fatboyfat said...

The current Mrs fatboyfat tells me that Ewan is the one to be going for.

She's good with advice like that.