Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Isn't it Friday yet?

**Warning, rant ahead, feel free to walk away now if you truly cannot be arsed**
This being the boss is bloody exhausting.
But the thing that is tiring me out more than anything is the waiting. We're waiting for bloody-buggering Ofsted to call.
It used to be that you got a letter and then 6 weeks later they arrived at the door. You had all that time to get ready; to plan your lessons, to make sure that your books were marked to within an inch of their lives, to tidy, tart-up displays etc etc and it was hell. Because it was 6 weeks of 15 hour working days. Then they were in school for 3 (or in the case of a large school 4) days. They watched everyone teach. They converged on all assemblies and lunchtime clubs. They were omnipresent! And then, they fed back and were gone.
Things are slightly different now; thanks to the joy that is self evaluation, they phone school, email a pre inspection commentary (based on said self evaluation) and arrive 48 working hours later. They then spend two days asking you to prove what you wrote in your self-evaluation form. "Ah Mrs L, you said that Miss S in the nursery is a good teacher - can you ask her to show us a good lesson please?" So instead of 6 weeks of 15 hour days, I am on constant 15 hour days. The 15 hour days don't stop, they keep on coming. Now I am getting used to this - on the other hand, my husband is bloody furious about it. I understand why. He doesn't see me. Not even on a Saturday or Sunday. I am constantly here banging away at the PC, churning out lesson plans, data, performance management reviews, action plans, evaluations etc. etc.
So, we're waiting for the phone call. They didn't ring yesterday, so *counts on fingers*... they can't come this week. But they could ring today and come on Monday. And I have SO MUCH TO DO!
Know where I can buy a life anyone?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ahhh yes! Waiting Waiting Waiting, for everything! Poo...!

Yes my dear...I appreciate you telling me what that was.....And I knew that is what you were writing me about...LOL! Thanks for thinking of me, Jo!

.:mar said...

I hope that phone call doesn't take place today either, so that you can at least have a weekend...

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Yegods - it sounds horrific and I'm not remotely surprised you need to rant. In fact, I think ranting is a mild way of expressing yourself. What is it with today's world, she asked no one in particular? Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, create more time... What? Time so we could do even more work. Natch.

Fizzy said...

OFSTED... Bloody stupid way of inspecting. I feel for you.
YOu are allowed to rant