Friday, November 23, 2007

Blog roll woo-hoo!

*singing and dancing around* "It's Friday. it's Friday, I'm happy it's Friday!" *still singing and dancing around* "My parents are coming to visit, my parents are coming to visit" *stops dancing and singing* God, shouldn't do that as my support tights are now garroting me!

Being busy at work doesn't really allow me to visit my blogroll as much as I would like, so I figured I would take me and you all on a little tour of them this Friday ~ I wish it was a real tour ... but I can't afford all your airfares!

So, first on my list is Absolute Vanilla ... (& Atyllah) ~ the alien chicken is quiet at the moment and even Ms Absolute Vanilla herself is feeling a little under the weather ... sick as a parrot in fact. Hope you're feeling better soon :o)

Over at Adventures of an Urban Cowgirl, the Cowgirl herself is celebrating her 30th birthday ~ I remember mine, at least I think I remember mine. All I know is that Dino is a much better 30th birthday than the watch I had. And now, it's time for me to go to work ... so I will finish this tonight.
**UPDATE** I mean I will finish this for Monday! The Friday dottle of vain de table Francais got in the way :o( Hic!

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