Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Even more notes to self

Good grief it's almost Christmas! When did that happen? We've got our first dress rehearsel on Monday and we don't know the words to When Santa got stuck up the chimney yet! NOTE TO SELF ... pay more attention when they talk about important dates! You're in charge, you just can't afford to look like a doofus!

Speaking of almost Christmas ... cards? Presents? NOTE TO SELF ... what was it you said last time? Pull your finger out! NOW WOMAN!

Your school work "to do" list for the weekend is growing. Yes, I know you crossed two jobs off it yesterday but it's still growing. NOTE TO SELF ... say no to anything else. You already have an ICT staff meeting to present on Monday and you can't handle any more work on top of that which you already have to do. Be brave. If the head/dep head/any combo of the two ask you to do something - just say NO!

When the clinical psychologist asks you if you tackled your sniper - lie! Say yes you did! NOTE TO SELF ... but look convincing ;o) She's a trained professional and she'll see through you. And then go and deal with the sniper - because she's a vicious, truth-twisting, mardy cow-bag hiding behind baby-blues and a blond fringe and needs taking down a peg or two for your personal satisfaction!


Alison said...

note to self, need to post funny musings like laquet!

fatboyfat said...

..."mardy cow-bag"...