Friday, May 26, 2006

A cornucopia of delights, but not for me!

I was on a course yesterday, positive handling ... dealing with "physical" children in school. It was a long day, interesting but emotionally and physically demanding. I completed a similar course about 9 years ago and have rarely needed to use the techniques taught ~ less than a handful of times and mainly with 3 little darlings who have kicked shit out of me on various occaisions during my teaching career ... that'll teach me to be good with "fighters", I get given lots of them.

As Jo (in the class next door), I and 5 other members of staff were on the course, the school was full of supply teachers yesterday and when I went in to drop off my planning I noticed that Jo and I had a married couple earmarked for our classes. The conversation went a little like this ...

Me ~ look, because we're both called Jo they've found a married couple to be in our classes ... isn't that sweet!

Jo ~ *laughs* yes, fancy a quickie lesbian wedding when we get back?

Me ~ *sniggers at Jo* Gobshite!

Margaret ~ no, I don't think so, they're brothers.

Me ~ oh, ok!

Well they certainly were brothers, from the land of Oz, tall, stacked, good looking, blue eyes and I have never seen a female staff ... I don't know quite what word to use for the reaction, I think I'll say ripple ... yes I have never seen a female staff ripple in quite such a way before. Every single member of the female staff visited my and Jo's classrooms yesterday morning, to say "enjoy your course", "see you tomorrow", "wow that's a cool whiteboard you have*" and "is the ICT suite free today?" And then there was the reaction of the mothers when they walked onto the playground! LMAO! Ah well, I'm on a course again today ... Mrs Rebbets from the nursery is taking my class! They'll be gutted :o)

* The whiteboard has been in my classroom for 18 months!


mar said...

Busy, busy. Hope you find some time to visit. Yes, you can read about this one UK blogger and I *giggle*

rashbre said...

I thought I's drop by too, to complete the set!

And now you get a week to chill!

recoveryroad said...

I feel pretty unworthy when I read some of your posts. About work, I mean.

Fizzy said...

lol some whiteboard you have there Miss. lol.
You have definately cuased a ripple, I wonder what Mrs R thought when everyone stuck thier faces round the corner to see if the Aussies were still there lol

Thanks for the congrats

Le laquet said...

mar ~ Spain next week, wrong side of the country unfortunately!

rashbre ~ chill has started but needs to be tomporarily halted for a 600 mile drive tonight.

kenny ~ ah jealously is a strong and dangerous emotion! You should see my new trick for removing your hand from the mouth of a biting child!

Fizzerella ~ you are most welcome congratulations again! as I said earlier just a damn shame the school won't/can't give you a direct contract.

Magpie said...

men hungry teachers in a ripple effect huh...nice image, i bet they were lapping it up...


Fizzy said...

ooooooooooo consider yourself tagged...*runs away and hides*