Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quick round-up!

Do you ever feel like life is rushing past you as if you were on a merry-go-round ... that's how life feels right now. I don't seem to even have time to stop by my blogroll and comment BUT I've tried hard to this morning!

An excellent day in school yesterday, I finalised the names of my new nursery classes*, passed a lovely morning gardening** and then we made books all about the five Ks of Sikhism in the afternoon ... these are the 5 things that baptised Sikhs wear all the time at the order of the 10th Guru. The children were making a little book with a contents page, an index and illustrations. One of the year 1s came up to me halfway through the afternoon and said ...

Z ~ I've forgotten something and I don't know what it is.

Me ~ Well lets go through the list ...

Z ~ I've got the beard and hair, the comb, the bracelet and the dagger.

Me ~ Yeeessss, so what else is there?

Z ~ Oh gosh, I forgot the big knickers! How could I forget the big knickers?

Me ~ Shorts Z, not knickers ... shorts!

Apologies to any Sikhs out there, but he's only 5 and he was trying so hard to remember them! Right you lot, have a great day :o)

* Nursery classes to be called Ducklings (mine a.m.), Goslings (other teacher's a.m.) and Owlets (p.m.) ... so named because ... wait for it ... "little children like little little birds have to learn to walk and fly before they can soar!" Yeh I know ~ SAP!
** R ~ You want me to pull out the plants? Me ~ They're weeds! R ~ But I'll get dirty!


Ms Mac said...

I would have adored a class about Sikhism in school. Those lucky kids!

Magpie said...

awww thats too cute, i don't think i paid a lot of attention in RE, maybe thats why i'm an athiest...lol


Fizzy said...

That is so funny and so good too.
BUT a child not wanting to get dirty.......shakes head in dispair*

hehehehe the teacher of duckling class.... HAHAHAHAHA

mar said...

Well, I should have been with these kids since I didn't know about this... oh, I love those bird names for the nursery classes!

Walker said...

I have noticed I blink and I look older and my niece looks bigger.
Or I am going blind and this is not my niece in which case I got to run and find the real one.

Fizzy said...

There is so much rain around here today that little ducklings is a very appropriate class name

craziequeen said...

Go Z!! :-)

And well done, Laquet, on widening your childrens' perceptions...