Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen things on my desk around the computer.

1. A soapstone elephant
2. My security fob for work
3. An aluminium bucket from Ikea
4. A mug of tea
5. An empty wine bottle painted with a map of the Isle of Man
6. A whistle
7. The phone
8. A can of ralgex heat spray
9. An unfinished unstarted cross-stitch sampler for Ruth's daughter who is now 2 and a bit ... it was meant to be ready when she came home from hospital!
10. My recipe book ... one I add scraps of paper/handwritten recipes/pictures too. One day I'd like to publish it :o)
11. Some large cream envelopes
12. My grandmother's button box
13. A pair of chopsticks
Yes unorganised chaos strikes again!


mar said...

Interesting things around your pc! I didn't know you cross stitch... or at least you did a couple of years ago, lol! Happy TT, mine is posted :)

Magpie said...

i have tons of x-stitch i've not finished or started, its so time consuming and bad for your eyes...

off to do this now...


PBS said...

That's an cool list. What is #8? And #12 sounds very interesting!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Chopsticks? Always handy for when those elusive pieces of sushi happen by, huh?

Sushi....yum! ;)

craziequeen said...

I don't have thirteen things on my desk at home....

and my work desk is boring with catalogues and stuff :-(

Not even the nice kind of catalogues!

My TT is up :-)


Fizzy said...

I have got the code and may use your 13 idea as my first. My desk (dining table) is dipping in the middle with the junk.

Those key fobs are terrible. The ones I use are so small I am terrified that I may loose them, so I prefer to knock on windows

Lisa said...

You made me laugh out loud about the cross stitch...reminds me of my patchwork quilt that still lays unfinished in the bedroom...after 5 years lol

What's the bucket for? is someone going to chuck some ice and a bottle of champers in it for you?

I'd hate to be naming what I have on my desk's a bloody mess, over running with all manner of crap lol

Fizzy said...

Boingggggggggggg ;)

Buffy said...

I love that you have your grandmother's buttom box on your desk.