Monday, May 08, 2006

It's all about me!

I have seen this all over the place, on blog after blog; and being a thief of long standing ... here you go ... it's all about me, me, me, me, me!
I AM :: able to touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
I WANT :: to come home tonight and not have to cook as I have cooked every meal we have consumed since Thursday (including packed lunches) ... wonders if he is listening?
I WISH :: Ruth would come and work at our school!
I HATE :: hatred, it's about a lack of knowledge and fear and oh-so often it's not even our hatred it's long embedded in history and we all deserve a fresh start!
I MISS :: the flexibilty of teenage bones! I bounced out of bed and swam each day and had boundless energy ... no I drag myself out of the pit each morning and need caffeine to keep me going!
I FEAR :: spiders! Why do we need them ... yeh I know they eat flies but really do we need anything with that many legs?
I HEAR :: bird-song just outside my window, time to send Simon up on a ladder!
I WONDER :: if I'll ever be a mother? I'd like to think I'd make a good one *smiles sadly*
I REGRET :: not writing down the stories my grandfather told me about the world he discovered as a young man in the merchant navy. He spent pretty much the first half of the 20th century going around the world, witnessing (what to him were) marvels & oddities, touching lives and unfortunately many of those stories are now lost.
I AM NOT :: sexist, racist, ageist or homophobic.
I DANCE :: whenever I hear music, I'm not very good but I don't care because I love to dance!
I SING :: all the time, especially when I dance!
I CRY :: when I'm both happy and sad.
I AM NOT ALWAYS :: able to control my temper
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS :: delicious food, I love to cook!
I WRITE :: my blog, my planning and in children's exercise books ~ quite enough for me I think!
I CONFUSE :: homophones when I'm typing quickly and making up the sentence as I go along ... when I go back and re read I always think what a tit! Like your and you're or their and they're and because I'm Welsh here, ear and year.
I NEED :: to get my budget bid written tonight or I shall be dragged in front of the headteacher!
I SHOULD :: go and get ready for work or I shall be late.
I START :: the day very early, I enjoy the quietness of the house when only I am up and around; peace perfect peace!
I FINISH :: last in running races but first on quiz nights ;o)


Fizzy said...

Homophones- tricky little blighters. Are "its" and "it's", cos they are my downfall.

I sing all the time. If my daughter is home she runs round the house closing all the windows!!!

Fizzy said...

oooooo I pushed enter to soon!

Have a good day :)

mar said...

Oh, lovely meme! nice job. Yes, I agree about young bones. Went out for a long walk yesterday and my right knee is very present today. I cry too when I am happy or sad. Very easily. I alwas have tissues on hand! Happy monday :)

mar said...

oops, I meant always, of course... I need more coffee, if you pls just excuse me...

Cheryl said...



Lisa said...

I want to come home every night and have someone else cook lol
Oh and I am SO with you about missing the flexibility of my youth *sigh*
and I love the way you start your day...that's exactly how I start mine...early, nothing around to distract mocha, my PC, my bloggy friends :) I love it.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I star my day that way too...I love my "quiet" time! :)

doris said...

Re Regrets..... What is stopping you from starting to write down now what you can remember of your grandfather's stories? Maybe you will remember more as you start?