Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday's Thirteen

*Update email* Hi Joannnnne! It was 6 packets of Paxo sage and onion stuffing, largest pack of Tesco's tea bags - strong, 3 smoked and 3 unsmoked back bacon, 1 large beef gravy granules ~ if you cant find Paxo then Tescos will do! For us its a couple of packets of back bacon and 3 Tesco or Hovis granery sliced you offered!
lots and lots and lots of love mummmy !!!!!!!

What can you do with her? Ideas please!

After a lengthy phone call from my mother last night, I present a list of 13 things I need to take to France on Saturday for desperate ex-pats (my parents included)!

  1. 3 packs of back bacon, smoked.
  2. 6 packs of back bacon, unsmoked.
  3. A large container of gravy granules.
  4. 4 packets of sage and onion stuffing.
  5. 3 tins of Eucryl toothpaste.
  6. 1 bottle of St Ives body lotion.
  7. 3 sliced loaves.
  8. 2 of each (black & colour) printer cartridges for a Canon printer
  9. 2 containers of Marigold vegetable bouillon

Ok, ok, so I exaggerated for the purposes of a thirteen this Thursday, but if you count all of the packets and boxes separately, that makes 27 items ... so tell me again why did they move to France if they can't live without back bacon and stuffing?


Cheryl said...

You could always just take the web addy for the expat co-op - lol.

Speaking of web addies - if you add your comment at the TT originating site, you'll get some new visitors.

Pinch the links off the bottom of mine, if you like.

Nice list :-)

Cheryl said...

I am sooo stupid:

TT site:

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Dang I want bacon for breakfast!!!


mar said...

If you are abroad , you always miss something from home *sigh*, even things you never payed attention to nice of you to take these life savers to those expats! :)

Ms Mac said...

I can sympathise completely with your expat parents! Although I note a lack of tea bags. That's always at the very top of my list!

Lisa said...

Well at least you'll know she'll be rapt to see you! lol

Can I assume you're driving across? I can imagine how easy it would be to transport all that bacon if you can't just throw it in the back of the car lol. Besides, while you're there, you do get to eat some of it lol

I'm sending off your package today, should I hold off until I know you're home? or with the time it takes to get there you'll probably be home anyway lol

Do they have vegemite in France?

Ms Mac said...

Hah! I knew that teabags should be on the list!

Also, I completely agree that Europe needs paxo!!! (and oxo!)


craziequeen said...

'cos they'll have Brie and French wine??


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