Monday, May 01, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #169


I say ... and you think ... ?

Out of place :: George Bush in international politics. *sends "sorry!" smile to any Americans offended by this and offers to swap Tony Blair*
Helicopter :: sycamore trees
Francis :: Francis Iles, my favourite craft shop
Ryan ::
Ryan Davies, part of Welsh duo Ryan and Ronnie
Wedding :: anniversary, less than 2 weeks away ... what do I get as a present?
Apalled :: that anyone would want to shag John Prescott if they didn't have to! And that she's been thrown to the wolves over it!
Historian :: give me the lovely Michael Wood (in sheepskin) or Dan Cruickshank (... it's the panama darling*) over Simon Schama anyday!

Powerful :: politicians, so all the more reason for them to be sleaze-free Prescott!

Sex symbol :: ah the lovely Hugh, ah go on have another one!

Uncomfortable :: g-strings, I think you either love them or hate them and I'm in the hate camp!

* and Simon Schama's annoying voice!


Lisa said...

Out of place: Square peg, round hole.
Helicopter: Life Flight Trust
Francis: where Jo's parents live *pokes tongue*
Ryan: is my baby
Wedding: cake
Appalled: by hypocrisy
Historian: um...don't know what that is *blush*
Powerful: V8 engine...hearing one of those rumbling makes my loins ache lol
Sex symbol: Johnny Depp (apparently, altho he's not my cuppa tea lol)

Ms Mac said...

I like a g-string. Once you get past the initial weirdness of having your knickers in your bumcrack, they're quite comfy. And have the added bonus of no VPL!

Fizzy said...

Out of place:
Helicopter: blades
Francis:of assissi
Ryan:*you know who's* son
Wedding:Day - my best day ever
Appalled:John Prescot Vs Home secretary... Me thinks that someone is getting away with murder JP is getting all the headlines.
Historian:I love the history of my city
Powerful:stain remover and bathroom cleaner needed asap please
Sex symbol:Sorry Hubby but it has to be Mr Depp

Le laquet said...

Johnny Depp .... ok I get it BUT he's not Hugh is he?!?

Ah a VPL-less life, yes a happy thought!

Fizzy said...

can I be a Fickle Fizz?
Just watched The Mask of Zoro
sex symbol =Antonio Banderas ....

craziequeen said...

Training Camp has officially opened.......are you still awake?



Magpie said...

wow hugh jackman is young in them photos, i prefer him with that stubble he normally has...hubba hubba


Rainypete said...

Out of place :: Most of my house
Helicopter :: Maple seeds
Francis :: Bacon
Ryan :: Gosling
Wedding :: Photos
Appalled :: Paris and Nicole
Historian :: We need more
Powerful :: Urge
Sex Symbol :: Bette Davis
Uncomfortable :: Most people when I get going

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Believe it or not, G-strings can grow on ya. Not literally, of course...but well, you know what I mean! ;)

Barbara said...

Out of place: awkward
Helicopter: Hawaii
Francis: Street
Ryan: O'Neal
Wedding: Cake
Appalled: Aghast
Historian: Marist College
Powerful: Robust
Sex symbol: Clint Eatwood

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