Thursday, May 11, 2006

**Warning Sap Alert**

So in case you don't want to puke, heads up major sap below in my Thursday Thirteen ... I can only write this as every part of my body hurts / aches after dragging 70 small children 4.2 miles yesterday* ... to the prom for ice-cream and swinging. But at least I might have lost some weight with all that exercise!

* slight exaggerration, I only dragged one very vocal little girl there ... she was too tired to speak on the way back; but then so was I!


Lisa said...

Aaaww, I rather like the sappy stuff you know...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

I wasn't around on a regular basis this time last fact, it was this very time last year that I fell into your clutches because Walker mentioned "Jo had just got married". And yep, I was there in a flash to check out the gorgeous wedding pictures....and been sucked in here ever since lol

Hope you both have a terrific day!


Fizzy said...

Morning. :)
How are you?
Have a lovely Anniversary Weekend

Walker said...

I remember, its just was after I found you :)
Happy Anniversary

So I guess you're keeping him eh mmmmmm he must be a good one.
How are his teeth?
Do you have to kick husbands in the shin after awhile like a car tire to see if there is still life in them
I have never been married so I just need to know if I will need shin gaurds one day.

Have a good one, Cheers

craziequeen said...

Ah, the things we do for kids, eh??