Sunday, May 21, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #172


I say ... and you think ... ?

Yours :: sincerely
Charcoal :: grey, or is it gray where you are?
Platitude :: How are you? FIne thanks!
Graduation :: ceremony
Hungry :: enough to eat a scabby horse between two bread vans.
Somewhere :: "Somewhere, over the rainbow"

Nurse :: Nurse Gladys in Open all Hours
Freak :: C'est Chic!
Unbelievable :: "The things, you say, you're unbelievable!"
Walk ::
Because you're mine, I walk the line

Such a busy week, haven't stopped ... interviews for teachers, SATs, Simon's leave (and the subsequent rows) being cancellled, lost in poker, marking, planning, meetings! Absolutely knackered, nothing blog-worthy or interesting to write about! Have a great week :o)


Lisa said...

Yours: Truly
Charcoal: etchings
Platitude: "have a nice day"
Graduation: End of college
Hungry: like the wolf
Somewhere:...over the rainbow...
Nurse: injections
Freak: Weirdo
Unbelievable: shocked
Walk: what I'm doing each day to make my body protest each night lol

Fizzy said...

Yours:Whatis mine is yours(but fight you for the chocolate!)
Platitude:Have a nice day
Graduation: A brill day lots of vampire bats
Hungry:Was...not now;)
Somewhere:out there is a job for me
Nurse:Barbara Windsor -carry on. (prefer Open all hours though one of my all time fave series)
Freak:Can I put the HGS here?
Unbelievable:but ture
Walk:It is terrible how many children do not walk anywhere.Very Sad!

Deb said...

"enough to eat a scabby horse between two bread vans"


Walker said...

Yours: MIne
Charcoal: Bricketts
Platitude: HIC
Graduation: Alice Cooper
Hungry: Not any more lol
Somewhere:Someplace sometime
Nurse: Betty
Freak: Out
Unbelievable: Yes it is LOL
Walk: What I love to do
Have a nice sunday :)

Magpie said...

i love open all hours, i can watch the reruns forever...


mar said...

Walk...on the wild side (take a), now I will be singing that song all day long. Happy monday!

Fizzy said...

how are you?
I am working today (rec!!)
hope you have a good day