Sunday, May 07, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #170

I say ... and you think ... ?

Represent :: politicians
Mumbling :: gibberish
Meet-up :: friends
Tantalizing :: surfing, but I have work to do!
Fake :: fur
Dale :: up hill, down dale
Deny :: no I didn't!
Calories :: nasty little point suckers, because it's all about the points baby!
Roll :: forward roll
44 :: my age in August 2013


Ms Mac said...

Haha! I will be 43 in 2013, old lady!


Le laquet said...

*gnashes teeth at ms mac.* thanks for rubbing that in!

Fizzy said...

Represent :: This family!!
Mumbling :: excuses for not completing homework
Meet-up :: Doncaster Station
Tantalizing :: Getting all excited
Fake :: false
Deny ::What me?!
Calories :: Swear word
Roll :: Teddy Bear Rolls... 13 yr old 5ft 6 daughter was doing them all over the *bleeping* bedroom this morning!!
44 :: double my age

Le laquet said...

44 ... double my age? having just admitted you have a 13 year old daughter? leave it out!!!!!

Le laquet said...

and *cheers* Doncaster Station!

Fizzy said...

Call it a fluke of nature!!! I was terribly young... I still am!!