Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dark bluey green questions!

Go and answer the questions yourself, if buggering bloody haloscan will let you play! And if it does give it a sharp slap around the back of the head from me :o)

Front door
If the door to your home could be made in any shape other than a rectangle, what shape would you want it to be?
I'd like a round front door and a round window ... do you (those of you who spent childhood afternoons with the BBC that is) remember Play School with Big Ted, Humpty, Jemima, Hamble and that round window? Remember the rhyme?

Here's a house
Here's a door
Windows: 1,2,3,4
Ready to play?
What's the day?
It's Monday!
Remember Brian Cant with tight trousers and a permanent wave? Remember Johnny Ball before he was more famous as Zoe's dad? I bet they had a round door there to match the round window!



Cinderella's castle
You've just arrived at Disney World to find that Cinderella's Castle has been replaced by ..... what?
Good grief, they wouldn't replace that it has to stay! Where else would Tink fly from? Actually I'd be happy if they replaced it with an enormous Krispy Kreme machine and conveyor belt!

The 8th dwarf
If Snow White had eight dwarves, what would you name the eighth dwarf?
The eight dwarf is dressed in pink, wont work down the mine in case he chips a nail but loves washing and wearing the gemstones, his name? Why Campy of course!

War movie
What is the best war movie of all time?
I cried and cried over Schindler's List and Hotel Rwanda (you didn't say which war), loved Escape to Victory but my favourite has to be the Great Escape, the beautiful Steve McQueen! Wonderful :o)

Substitute teacher
If you had to substitute-teach for two months, which grade (kindergarten through twelfth) would you choose to teach?
I'd choose to teach "A" level French (that's from 17 to 18) children who want to be there learning to speak beautiful French ... maybe a little field trip or two, you know ~Paris, Bordeaux, Aix, the Pyrenees *breathes deeply* I could cope if it was just for 2 months!

Have you ever won a medal or a ribbon?
Actually, I just did, I one a silver at the Blog Olympics ... but also when I was in school I won trophies/certificates/ribbons for French, hockey and swimming.

Wanna hug?
Are you a hugger? You know, someone who hugs people when you see them? Or what about when people come to give you a hug, what do you do?
I am both a hugger and a kisser (when you spend as much time in France as I do there really is no choice!) I hug/kiss hello and goodbye, if I know you well enough I spontaneously touch/hug/squeeze mid conversation ... I do wait for you to invite invasion of open space though, I'm not like those guys in China who are coming to Nottingham soon!

Is your glass.....
Is your glass half full? Or half
empty? And what do you have in your glass? Optimism is a lovely thing, I believe that a glass is half full and try to encourage that belief in others too! *wanders off humming always look on the bright side of life, wanders back* Simon is such a "half empty" (his mother has similar inclinations, so maybe its genetic) guy and I spend quite a lot of time trying to encourage him out of a fug ... actually that's the worst thing about half emptiers, the energy that other people waste trying to cheer them up! *wanders off again, wanders back* Right now the glass I would choose for the glass to be full of Chilean Merlot ~ lovely!

Higher Education
Have you gone as far with school and/or college that you thought you would? Do you ever consider going to college, or back to college to get a degree, or further your degree?
Right now I would say that I don't want to go back to college and study but who knows what the future holds?! But I am a firm believer in education never being over, I learn new things everyday :o)

Drivers test
How many times did you take your driver's test before you passed?
Passed second time, never been allowed to forget this by my mother who passed first time around *blows metaphorical raspberry*

In all honesty, would you want to be a member of the Royal Family?
God no, all that attention, people who think that they can say whatever the hell they like about you because you are a public figure, never being able to run out to the corner shop in baggy old jeans with no make-up on in case you get papped! No thankyou! Would you?


K Jones said...

Finally, Jo, you have restored my faith in all women by selecting "The Great Escape" as your favorite war movie. Such a classic. Oh, and the Krispy Kreme machine has potential at Disneyworld, LOL.

Indigo said...

I love your 8th dwarf .... Campy. LOL! That's the best one yet!

I enjoyed The Great Escape, but see my problem is that I saw it after I saw Chicken Run and felt that it was just another remake. ;-) LOL! (kidding!)

I don't understand why Haloscan won't work for you..... how is it on other blogs?

Le laquet said...

See Mr Jones, I knew the Krispy Kreme doughnut idea was a good one!

Remake? Yeh alright, but chronologically speaking .... However, I loved the Mel Gibson / James Coburn Australian character thing going on :o)