Saturday, May 27, 2006


Tagged by Mrs F from the place ... pure nosiness if you ask me ... she then turned and ran before I could catch her :o)

5 things in my fridge

  1. Smoked peppered mackarel, to liven up a salad ... I don't think I'm being cheated if I have no salad dressing if I get oily fish ~ yum!
  2. Sweet red peppers, for roasting or salads.
  3. Milk, skimmed ~ bleugh!
  4. Yoghurts, currently pineapple, peach and passionfruit.
  5. Champagne, always just in case.
5 things in my wardrobe

  1. Welsh costume, full lenght skirt, petticoat, shawls, arm guards, apron the whole kit and caboodle.
  2. Wedding outfit, packed away ... needs cleaning actually.
  3. Winter coat.
  4. Jumpers in bottom drawer
  5. Shoes, not in boxes like the tidy Mrs F.
5 things in my handbag

  1. Purse, never enough money but a purse.
  2. Car keys.
  3. Front of stereo from the car.
  4. Security fob for the doors in work.
  5. Lippy, currently looking for one like the colour that Audrey Tautou wore in the Da Vinci Code ~ her lippy was the best thing about the movie.

How's that for quick service? Ready to play tag Lisa? What about you Mar?


Fizzy said...

No rain here either, although as the guys head off to rugby the clouds have turned a familiar black colour.... OK my washer is ready :(

Love your answers. Do we have a picture of you in the whole Welsh "Kit and caboodle"?

Lisa said...

So? when do we get to see a pic of you in your Welsh outfit?? That would be very cool lol

You have drawers in your wardrobe? wow, that sounds far too organised really, but then you said no boxes for shoes, so I don't know lol

I have no choice really to do this now...Poet and you have both tagged me lol There's a tagging meme frenzy going on of late it seems! lol

I won't do it this weekend though, I try not to blog in the weekends, that's when I try to do my catching up on reading others. lol

Have a fabulous time in France, and don't forget to kiss the ground for me!!

kenju said...

When I go see the movie - I'llbe sure to notice the lipstick...LOL

Michele sent me.

Catherine said...

The Welsh outfit sounds really cool. I notice a guide to New Zealand in your sidebar - are you planning on visiting us?
Michelle sent me

keda said...

hey a welsh costume!? why??

i'm so missing peppered mackerel now. yum. and the champage.

here via michele. have a lovely weekend.

mar said...

You are my kind of gal, chilled champagne in case a blogfriend shows up :) Me? it is my week to get tagged! I will play, but I have 2 I am working on already! happy sunday :)

mar said...

My post is up now, tagged 3 times :)

Anonymous said...

Fizzy ~ no rain here either, hot enought still (7.46pm) that the cicadas are still singing!

And you (F & L) are both dreaming if you think there's going to be a picture of me in that costume posted here!

Jo xx

Lisa said...

Oh, how disappointing...I was really looking forward to that too, you're just being plain mean!

Unless of course you've kissed the ground in France for me already.

I have a kiwi friend who flew over to the UK a couple of weeks ago. He arrived in France the same day you did. I asked him to kiss the ground too...he texted me back and said he will kiss a french maid for me instead lol

Hope you're having fun!

Fizzy said...

that is so mean mean that we are not goin to see a piccy of you in the Welsh costume.... I think that Lisa and I should demand it, or else we could hijack your comments section whislt you are away....mwahahahahahaa

tammi said...

oooooweeee....gotta add these to my tags that I have neglected to answer.One of these days I'll pick one out and tell my inner-most
The way I blog,I'm not sure if I even have any secrets left to tell.hee heee

Rainypete said...

I carry way more than 5 things in my handbag. Good self control on your part!!

Fizzy said...

Sun today... and wind (as in the weather kind.... )

no circadas though... will the hum of a busy road do?

Does that make sense?

craziequeen said...

Sun and wind here too - makes up for the last two weeks of terrible weather - not that I can enjoy it much...cooped up with my books!
And it's been so cold! Cold down to my very bones.....

No Laquet in Welsh kit? boo!!


mar said...

Just dropping by to say hello from rainy Spain today!!!

Lisa said...

Hellooooooo....hope you're having a wonderful time. Just dropped in to say "Hellooooooo"

*points at ground making kissing noises, so you don't forget*

Fizzy said...

Sunny today... am braving washing on the line OUTSIDE!!!! I know it will rain later on.

Hope the weather is better for you... are you in Spain yet?

Magpie said...

great answers, my wedding dress is in the loft, i hate to think what condition its in...

my shoes are untidy too...

hope you are having a great time...


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"Front of stereo from the car?"

Did I miss something here??? I know I haven't been around much lately but, is there some background as to why you have part of a car stereo in your handbag??? :)

Fizzy said...

*shouting loudly* HELLLOOOOOOOOOO

Fizzy said...

Huh still no reply - maybe I wasn't shouting loud enough!

*sucking deeply* Hellllllllllloooooooo

Now that was loud. I am sure you must have heard that!!!

hope you are having a wonderful time -we have sun today - not as hot as you are hopefully experiencing BUT none the less there is a sun hovering over the nuthouse this morning

Lisa said...

Hey! We had sun today too!! It was VERY exciting! I got all the washing out. It helped a little, still came in damp though, no wind, which is a miracle for Wellington I can tell you. I am, back in your page and got to the point of banging on about the weather.


(My verification letters are "fowaf"...that's pretty damn close to a word don't you think? IS TOO!)

Fizzy said...

Is not!!!
Is not too!!!
No way near a word

i got ykynjol
what can you make out of that one..... looks like a medical term to me.
I wonder what ailment it could be for

Lisa said...

well whatever my WORD means, it's still easier to pronounce than your one *pokes tongue* lol

Fizzy said...

Jo JO *whinging* *again*
Lisa is poking her tongue out at me
tell her , tell her JO

I got sunburnt yesterday!!! The kids and Hubby keep singing the oompaloompa song to me as apparently I have gone a wierd shade of orange!

cswehdy.... what is all that about?

Fizzy said...

Someone who shall remain nameless is waiting for a ferry....

Fizzy said...

Good Morning.
Welcome Home (I hope you are home)
Have a good day back

Anonymous said...

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