Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some daily questions, playing catch-up!

Indigo over at QOtD has been on holiday, a little tripette to Mouseland *shivers with excitement as she realises only 4 more get-ups until half term and a trip to Spain* so the venerable Mr Jones and Better Safe than Sorry have been care-taking in her well-deserved absence. She'll be glad to know that Haloscan still wont let me play ... it's obviously NOT personal my friend! Well, only to me :o)

Off Duty?
I sense and can see that Indigo has, in fact, returned, but she hasn't kicked me out yet, so I'll do one more question just for kicks and giggles.You have one week and all the money in the world. Where do you go on vacation?
I would go to New Zealand and I would fly first class!

Have you ever posted a picture of yourself on your blog?
Yes, I posted pictures of my wedding last May. If I ever loose a bundle of weight I will be posting pictures then too ... it's the points baby!

She's Back!
With Indigo's imminent return to the QOTD, what do you think she brought us from DisneyWorld?
I am hoping for some of those cute little Minnie Mouse ears with a little bow just to finish off the princess look!

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?
How do you like your eggs?
To quote Deano "I like mine with a kiss" but if he's already gone to work then I prefer poached but still runny in the middle on thick sour-dough toast.

Funny Girl
Who is the funniest woman to ever live in your opinion?
I think this is a hard one, I like British comedian Jackie Clunes but probably the female most guarenteed to get me in stitches is the lovely Dawn French.

Are you planning on seeing The DaVinci Code and/or Over the Hedge?
I saw the DaVinci Code (or as all Togdom is renaming it the Maeve Binchy Code) on Saturday ... what a great big steamy pile of poo! In all honesty I KNOW I would have enjoyed Over the Hedge much more!

Boys Will Be Boys
A co-worker of mine was telling me a few weeks ago that her mother used to notice the rancid stench of her brothers from time to time (when they were little) and could never figure out how they managed to get so smelly, so one day she caught them red-handed or smelly-feeted and forced them to confess as to their smelliness. Well, turns out they were playing "The Trashcan Game" where they would stuff a child in a trashcan and then wheel the victim around the neighborhood and then ask him where he was. If the kid knew his whereabouts, he could get out of the trashcan, if he couldn't he would be wheeled somewhere else and asked again. Sounds like a blast!With that prelude, I ask. What was the most inventive game you played as a child?
The Trashcan game? Boys are disgusting ... we spent hours playing cricket, climbing trees (pinching crab apples), crawling through the wheat field (and being chased by the farmer out of it) and making dens/hide-outs in the old pigsty (no pigs for about 50 years). But ... the trashcan game?!? Good lord Jones! In fact I think just for that game you deserve this!

Weather Watch
How would you spend a rainy holiday long weekend?
In bed, with a good book, plentiful snacks and *wiggles eyebrows* my husband. Wouldn't you? Well not with my husband obviously!

Can't Live Without Ya
Baby back ribs. Fresh iceberg lettuce. Cap'n Crunch. There are so many great foods that I crave when I'm hungry. How about you?
What food can't you live without? Chargrilled salmon, garlic, onions, sweetcorn and bread.

Hoopin' It Up
Just got done watching the Suns squeak one out against the Clippers in Double OT. Nice game, but I know I'll lose half of you all with my sports talk, so I'll ask a more general question.What one sports event would you most like to see in person?
What? Who? *begins to cry* I don't understand the question! Umm, one sporting event, that would be hard to choose ... *tosses coin* mens final at Wimbledon I think, really good seats please!

Dinners Ready
You have a new friend, things have been going great. You are now invited to dinner, arrive at your friends home and everything is perfect, alot of work has obviously gone into this dinner. The only problem, the main course is something you hate. What are you going to do?
I would try my damndest to eat a least a little of it and all the vegetables, hide the remains under my cutlery and then apologise profusely!

Oh, the Fences
So, my little one just began singing the song, "Don't Fence Me In" as sung by Roy Rogers. It fits her so well. It could be her theme song. So, what's your theme song?
The theme tune of the loveboat?!? Or probably Take it Easy by the Eagles.


mar said...

Give the link to your wedding pics! won't go see the Da Vinci Code, no way. Love that song by The Eagles! will be singing it all day long now :) happy tuesday!

K Jones said...

I wondered why you haven't been answering the questions when it is obvious you are kicking my butt in the trivia each day, but now I see it is the evil Haloscan. But then you go and throw me 6-ft under with the shovel. Nice! I think New Zealand/first class would be an excellent idea. And as for the trashcan game, it wasn't my game, I just report the facts.

Le laquet said...

Mar, wedding photos here and here! Tuesday was wet but ok :o)

Mr Jones, does that mean I'm winning today? Haloscan is an absolute bugger to me BUT only on QoTD!

Fizzy said...

Good Answers. NZ first class!!!! room for another one... imagine the trouble we could cause... er um I mean Imagine the fun we could have :)

I has a question about eggs too on my post WOW that is a bit spooky

Indigo said...

honestly, I don't understand why you can't post comments sometimes ... however, I do like that you are creative enough to turn it into something positive and make a post about it. :-)

Bennu said...

lol, I love this post. The one I can really respond to is the dinner you hate.

It happened... I ate it and tried not to frown... it didn't kill me. But he kicked me to the curb afterwards, so maybe the mental telepathy was working and I didn't know it.