Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blog Fodder #10

Today’s topic comes to you straight from Heather, who can be found over on Blog, Blah, Blah. Heather asks "If you could go back in time and choose your career, what would it be? "
Moogie over at Blog Fodder HQ says "if you ask me, this is a loaded question. I was one of those people who changed careers numerous times in my life. If you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I’m not so sure I would have an answer for you yet."

Just like Moogie I have already changed career, a huge change ~ from a painter of maps to a teacher. But if I think back way before the major flunk of my "A" levels (... my mother still thinks I failed them because I discovered religion ... it was the vicar's son that did it!) then it wasn't painting maps, or a career in education that interested me. Even then it was a career in food.

I wanted desperately to cook. I got (and still get) immense pleasure from seeing people eating and enjoying my food. However a well-meaning (a right duffer he was) careers advisor, who was also head of the sixth form at school said that anyone who had managed 9 "O" level passes shouldn't just be looking for a place at catering college or a job in the food industry.

So I stayed on at school and started my "A" level courses on the understanding that at the end of them if there wasn't anything that interested me then I could go to catering college after all. But right at the start of the year the unthinkable happened ~ I fell in love with environmental and physical geography. And here I am *cough* years later with an environmental geography and education degree enjoying teaching and imparting that knowledge for other children. Ok ... at the moment its nursery (kindergarten) and the level of education is not high-brow but we're learning all about our responsibility to the world, through re-cycling, growing our own veggies & herbs and looking after the school environment and the creatures within it.

So to finally answer Heather's question ~ If I went back in time and choose again I would have chosen a career in food. I might have been Nigella (wishful thinking) by now! But whether or not that would have been the right decision ~ probably not!


Teena said...

And I'd let you cook for me all the time :)

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Fizzy said...

So would I

I have been down in nursery and reception today. I painted a HUGE rainbow and now my lovely balck blouse is red and yellow and pink and blue ....

Le laquet said...

Ah but you must have made a very pretty rainbow!

Andrea said...

I thought about a career as a chef. I was watching the current season of a cooking reality show and realized how much a chef is also an artist. You sort have to be open to all types of food and I'm a picky eater.

I still love to cook, but I'm not going to choose it as a career. I agree with those before me. I would also let you cook for me.

Mine is up too!

craziequeen said...

More coincidence - I flunked my As too!!!!!
And that changed my initial career path hugely.

my fodder is up......