Sunday, February 25, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #212


I say ... and you think ... ?

Soldier ::
Lipton :: Lipton's tea
Reason :: rational and logical or just for the hell of it
Terms :: school terms
Positive :: the opposite of negative
Example :: e.g.
Legacy :: money in a will
Solo :: alone
Instrument :: piano
Later :: afternoon


Lisa said...

Soldier: troops
Lipton: tea
Reason: "Because I said so" lol
Terms: and conditions
Positive: Definite
Example: scenario
Legacy: inheritance
Solo: Diva
Instrument: scalpel
Later: another time

Fizzy said...

Soldier :: war
Lipton :: Lipton's grocery shops
Reason :: Why?
Terms :: on MY terms
Positive :: plus
Example :: rolemodel
Legacy :: left behind
Solo :: individual
Instrument :: cello, drums, guitar, recorder, treble bass recorder, voice - played all of them at some point whilst at school (cello =7 years)
Later :: dude

Atyllah said...

Soldier - war
Lipton - Cup (a local yacht race)
Reason - d'etre
Terms - and conditions
Positive - vibrations
Example - by
Legacy - ooh, gimme some
Solo - Han
Instrument - Piano
Later - alligator

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

Soldier: forcers
Lipton: chicken noodle soup
Reason: excuses
Terms: of endearment
Positive: yes
Example: how it works
Legacy: inheritance
Solo: drums
Instrument: guitar
Later: after

Rainypete said...

Soldier: Of fortune
Lipton: Tea
Reason: d'etre
Terms: of surrender
Positive: light
Example: training
Legacy: history
Solo: effort
Instrument: of doom
Later: alligator