Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mumble, mumble, ramble

Spent the day in school on Monday ~ ssssh! Simon doesn't know. He ribbed me like hell last week in a "I'll bet you can't go the whole week without going into school!" I had this horrific thought that I'd have an accident in the car leaving the school drive or the car'd be stolen and I'd have to tell the police where it was stolen from and he'd find out and be able to laugh at my addiction! So far, so good. I don't think he knows I went anywhere near the joint. Let's hope he's not reading the blog then eh?

It's not that I actually did any school work anyway ... instead I emptied Narnia. The huge grey cupboard (big enough to have 2 imaginary worlds inside) in my classroom of all the unnecessary crap that was in there. There was an OFSTED Nursery Inspections handbook from 1992 in there for god's sake!! So I made this huge pile of rubbish on the floor ...old videos, crappy handbooks, such a bunch of tat ~ ach-a-fi!! Anyway, I'm standing there looking at this pile and suddenly I realise that there are no bin bags. Not one in the whole bloody nursery! So on Monday morning ... that has to be my first job. Forget teaching I need bin-bags or a skip. Actually I'm not taching on Monday anyway, I'm going on a training course at a local school ~ some boring shit about a skills based curriculum. I know I should be more enthusiastic but pah!

Tuesday I got to have lunch with Jo and they tried to deliver my new mobile phone in th hour and a half that I was out. Bloody Parcel Line, their delivery window ... more like a gaping chasm than a delivery window ... is from 8.30am to 6pm. I go out from 12.10 to 1.43 and guess what appears in that time slot? I swear to God that Mr/Mrs/Ms Parcel Line was hiding around the corner and jumped out of the wagon as I drove away. So I arranged delivery for Wednesday instead ... yes the new Nokia 6234 arrived at 9.32am. Now why couldn't that have happened yesterday?

On Wednesday my mum suggested that a good way to spend my afternoon would be to hoover my bedroom carpet and to dust the chest of drawers! No imagination that woman :o)

I really thought hoped that the company we have gone with to re-do the school website would have got in touch this week. I have sent them photos / logos / publications and now it just needs to be "up!" As quickly as possible please.

I had a Thursday Thirteen Valentine post almost complete this week ... 13 people who I'd be happy to receive a valentine from and couldn't post. I stumbled at the last moment ... I could only think of 9 would be valentines. Pah! How is that possible? I had all the usual suspects in the list and got stuck with 4 to go?!?

But Thursday was lovely all the same as I went over to Sutton to see the new baby .... aww! What a lovely little chap! All wrinkly and smelling of sweet, milky baby! I had a lovely cwtch and also got to have lunch with the whole gang.

Yesterday was Fizzy's 2nd blogiversary over at the Nuthouse! Do go and give her all good wishes / linky love / huge stats I say! ... I think that 2 years is an amazing amount of time to keep a blog going ... yeh I know that there are people out there that have been on t'Internet since year dot (in t'Internet terms) but for those of us who had to wait for the joy of Blogger / Wordpress etc. to come along and help us post ~ well 2 years is 2 years! Go Fizzy, here's to the nuthouse remaining open! Anyway, enough of my mumbling and rambling, I have a pile of washing 2 foot high that needs to get done today. BLEUGH! So even though it's only 6.55am I could probably go and start that so it's done and not hanging over my head.


Fizzy said...

ooooo that is me!!!! thank you very much.

I can't believe there is not a bin bag in sight!! That is very scary. You know how I rely on bin bags in the Nuthouse.

Lisa said...

You said you weren't going into school last week!! I distinctly remember reading that! And regardless of what you were doing there (unless of course you had your feet and and a glass of wine in hand), you were working. That's hard work cleaning out all that crap, I know this from doing it slowly over the week myself lol

And I was thinking about the Nokia 6234 must let me know how you like it. I'm a Nokia girl at heart (as I am a Ford one lol), and I need to update my handset, so let me know your thoughts.

Off to wish Fizz a happy 2nd blogiversary. You know, mine came and went without me even noticing til I wrote the Valentines post and realised how long I'd be blogging for lol Just as well I'm no longer married, I'd be crap at remembering the anniversary by now hahaha

Lisa said...

you know I meant "had your feet UP..." don't you? I really wasn't meaning it to seem like you had your feet AND wine in your hand lol

Forgive me, it's late, my body hurts and I do believe it's urging me to head for bed!

recoveryroad said...

As a kid (a smaller version of the kid I am now), there was something magical about my fave teacher's cupboard. I was often cupboard monitor - creep!