Monday, February 12, 2007

Randomly speaking

Why does it always rain on the first day of any school holidays? Why didn't it rain last week whilst I was in school? Oh hang on it did rain, cold lumpy rain called snow!

I've just been cringing at Ready, Steady Cook .... does Ainsley Harriot really need to pull those faces?

I've booked Sunday lunch at the Pot Kiln for Simon's birthday in May! BUT what the hell else can I get? He's going to be 50!

I am not, really not, not, not going into school this week!

I wish I'd been able to go to Edinburgh with Shisho and Kelly this past weekend :o(

In my spam folder ... what's the difference between professional viagra and ordinary viagra?

The doctor's receptionist didn't laugh when I said *Forrest Gump voice* "It's my butt-tock!"

What are you having for dinner? It's spicy chicken and new potatoes here :o)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I haven't been here in such a long time, my dear...I am glad to see your sense of humor is in tact! LOL! You always make me laugh and I dearly appreciate that...!
50 is a BIG number....What if you got 50 little gufts for him...some silly and fun, representing each year of his life? Sound like fun? Okay. Forget it! (lol) Lunch DOES sound like fun...!

Fi said...


So, how is the pain the butt-tock?

I agree re Ainsley, he is painful to watch. Mind you, I do have a particularly good cookbook of his which I use all the time. This means no silly faces or voices, only good recipes.

And that. Is all I have to say about that...

Fizzy said...

I bought my FIL lots of gold presentants (golden shred marmalade, golden grahams etc).
Dr's Receptionists just do not smile!
I don't know what we are having tonight, we had the most wonderful Fish and chips last night.
My mind has boggled trying to work out the differences in the the two types of viagra

mar said...

Sunday lunch for his 50th sounds wonderful. Oh, he belongs to a quality vintage *wink*

recoveryroad said...

That wasn't rain yesterday. That was someone dumping the Atlantic Ocean on my head.

I am still moist.

Anonymous said...

we've got a snow and cold watch going on here, look for me to be snowed in tomorrow (that's what the kids are praying for).
dinner was on the run tonight, pasta, garlic bread and salad.

Tendrils said...

I can't believe the receptionist didn't laugh!!!! Come on! :) Heheheheee!

How are you feeling now? I hope better! :)

Lisa said...

I resent that remark about doctors receptionists not smiling! *pokes tongue at Fizzy* lol

I love Fizzy's idea about buying lots of 'golden' things. Put them all in a basket...golden crumpets, golden syrup etc. OR you could put together a basket of 50 things all starting with the letter S. This could be a hefty undertaking, or a small one depending on the size of each thing. Mind you, you could just go to the hardware shop and buy 50 screws and dip them in gold paint LOL

Hope your butt-ock is feeling better and that you appointment is really soon!