Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To? Too? Two! 2!

*clears throat to start singing*

Happy Birthday to my blog!
Happy Birthday to my blog!
Happy Birthday Chez le laquet!
Happy Birthday to my blog!

Who'd have thought it? That I could keep anything going that long? *thinks back to all those projects and hobbies that never lasted* Why did I start? Am I done? Not yet. Right, lets get on with year number three then!


Fizzy said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Chez le Laquet
Happy Birthday to you

Atyllah said...

Hippy Hoppy Happy Blog Birthday Chez Le Laquet!

Now where's the champagne and cake?

mar said...

Happy birthday to the blog!!! and many, many more!
I am with atyllah. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done you, and do you know? - you don't look a day of it.

Anonymous said...

happy blog birthday!!!
there's going to be cake tonight, right?

Indigo said...

Happy Birthday!!! Two years is exciting!!!! I'll have to celebrate the 2nd this year .... I totally forgot about the 1st. (I'm a bad blog owner)

Did you get your blog something?

Kirsti said...

Happy blog-birthday :D Keep it going

Ex-Shammickite said...

A little birdie told me to come and wish you all the best for your blogiversary... so here I am! Have a good one.

Haley-O said...

Wow!!! 2 years! So impressive! Happy Birthday!!! :)

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your blog.
Two years already?
TYime flies when you're having fun. :)

PBS said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!

Andy said...

Happy Birthday!

Fi said...

Happy belated blog birthday!

Thank you for keeping it up. I can always rely on you to have posted, which is quite a feat in the blogging world these days :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It's a little belated, my dear Jo, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG!
Hoory for you....two whole years! Congratulations!!!