Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #210


I say ... and you think ... ?

The best thing :: Money (That's what I want) Do you remember the Flying Lizards version? God they were a weird lot!

Hold :: tight
Rapture :: bliss
Cover :: tablecloth
Restrictive :: tight
Baker :: Jospehine Baker
Author :: book
Pill :: headache
Months :: January, February, March
Valentine’s Day ::
red roses


mar said...

wishing you red roses on Valentine's Day. I will be alone since Mr Mar will be gone on a business trip *sob*

Atyllah said...

The best thing (s): in life are free
Hold - over me
Rapture - OMG OMG... oh oh aaaah
Cover - up
Restrictive - laws
Baker - fresh croissants
Author - words
Pill - contraception
Months - at a time
Valentine's Day - roses

Hope you get lots of red roses on 14 February! ;-)

Fizzy said...

The best thing ::about chocolate is chocolate
Hold ::on
Rapture ::I think Oh rapture everytime a kid sneezes and huge candle like boogies shoot out each nostril faster than the speed of light. One kid managed to sneeze the other day and the boogie hit the board!
Cover ::me (Springsteen... Oh my!!!)
Restrictive :: rules and regulations
Baker ::butcher and candlestickmaker
Author ::illustrator
Pill ::ON valentines day you will now be able to buy viagra over the counter instead of only getting it on prescription,however you have to be able to get to the Boots store in Manchester as this is the only chemist. AND it will be £50 for 4 tablets!
Months ::Neurofen, good for cold headsaches, stress and nervous tension... and in my case all three!
Valentine’s Day :: hopefully a good day

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

The best thing: in life is free
Hold : on me
Rapture :blondie
Cover :duvet
Restrictive :bound
Baker : my mother
Author :jane austen
Pill :sex
Months :: july and november
Valentine’s Day :anniversary

Lisa said...

the best thing: since sliced bread
Hold: ya horses
Rapture: gobsmacked ecstasy
Cover: me with kisses baby...
Restrictive: limits
Baker: missing link for the Butcher and Candlestick maker haha
Author: Writer
Pill: medication
Months: gone by
Valentine's Day: romance

Christine said...

1. The best thing :: my baby daughter EM
2. Hold :: heart
3. Rapture :: epiphany
4. Cover :: Tupperware
5. Restrictive :: clothing
6. Baker :: Le Patisserie
7. Author :: creative
8. Pill :: halucogen
9. Months :: moons
10. Valentine’s Day :: harlequin romance