Friday, February 02, 2007

So, it's Friday ...

I'm kind of glad!

Aren't you?

I think it's the central heating you know?

*realises that everyone is now thinking WTF?*

Yep, it's the central heating. That fries my brain in January / February making the weekend take forever to arrive. Making the metro-boulou-dodo that little bit harder. There's not as much time to spend in the fresh air, the drive to and from work is partly or sometimes wholly in the dark and there's the whole socks and shoes and a coat thing. Bring back gorgeous sandals and a fabulous pedicure darling!

And it gives you a stuffy head *yep she's back to the central heating again* and a sore throat and this morning no voice *smacks Simon as he cheers and starts dancing the kitchen conga* school will be fun! Trying to control (I use the word loosely) 78 darling 3 year olds with no voice!

So, are you glad it's Friday? Go on, tell us why!


Fizzy said...

Oh dear no voice. That is really hard. I tried to teach a class half that size with no voice and the aid of a very supportive TA and a tambourine. The teacher next door thought I was teaching all about the salvation army!

I totally agree with you about the central heating it is so unhealthy. Roll on the summer

rashbre said...

I sometimes see people arriive for meetings at this time of the year and place a little bottle of pills or other medicine on the table at the beginning.

You are not alone.


Fi said...

Hey Jo, you just commented at mine and I'm just commenting at yours! COINCIDENCE or what!

Fridays, particularly Friday afternoons/evenings may just be my favourite part of the whole week. Finish at early at 4pm and have a drink with my workmates, then home for something yummy for dinner (usually fresh fish and homemade chips) followed a DVD and a bottle of wine.

Then there's a nice sleep-in on Saturday to look forward to.

Yes, I love Fridays!

Gattina said...

I am "walking" through your last posts and found your TT which apparently I have missed and the pictures are really very funny. Then I stopped at "Where were you when" and began to think "where ?" For the moon it was easy because I was freshly in love and my hubby to be called me in the middle of the night to ask me to put the TV on ! When Diana died I just watched French TV and they had cancelled all their programs and spoke in direct. It was awful, I couldn't believe it. I just felt the same as you and your mother. She was such a nice person. 5 days after the funeral I was in London at my son's house and went to Kensington palace. I had seen this flower "sea" at TV but never imagined what an impact it had on everybody who were there. It just was breathtaking, nothing comparable to the TV pictures. In real it was much more. In my whole life I have never seen so many flowers and toys on the ground, not even at the flower exhibition in Gent ! In front of B. Palace it was almost the same and people started to protest and got very angry, when big garbidge trucks arrived and wanted to clean off flowers AND toys what we all found disgusting ! I can tell you if that day they would have killed queen and family everybody would have agreed !

Atyllah said...

Hmmm, Friday, two days to slob out in the sun. Sorry, what can I say, it's the evil werechicken streak in me.

As for controlling a mob of kids with no voice,get yourself one of those foghorn hooters and blast 'em with it everytime they get out of line!